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Viral Parking Hack Causes Online Debate: ‘We’ve Been Doing It Wrong’

Nobody likes a tight parking lot.

Videos on TikTok have gone viral for introducing a new system for how drivers should use parking spaces. While this approach gives everyone enough space to get in and out of their car, But some argue that this doesn’t solve the problem of some drivers, regardless of how close they are to other cars.

TikTok user BigBruva posted a photo of him filming in a parking lot on his account with the caption, In the video, he shows all the cars in the parking lot on the left line of the parking spot. opposite to the middle

Michigan woman living in a van There are plans to visit every national park.

This means that all cars are spaced the same distance. This leaves enough space on both sides for people to enter or exit the vehicle. The caption under the picture states that “We̵

7;ve always been wrong.”

In the video clip, none of the cars have license plates attached. And the subtitles say that it was filmed in many places. Where GM trucks are picked up Indicates that the cars in this lot are all parked by the same person. (or a team of people).


Since posting the video It has been viewed more than 4.3 million times.

While many users agreed that this would help, others seemed incredulous. One user wrote: “It only works if everyone does this. which will not happen”

Another user added that “Like everyone parked in the middle.”


In a follow-up video, BigBruva admits that the idea doesn’t work because people will make mistakes. However, he defends it, unlike center parking. According to him, people have to guess the distance when parked in the center. while in his version Drivers will know if they parked in line or not.

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