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Virginia County officials backed the school board on key race theory, calling the opposition ‘Racism has evolved’

County officials in Virginia have expressed support for local school boards as it has faced heat from some parents and teachers for promoting Critical Competitive Theory (CRT) in district schools.

In a letter sent to the school board — a copy obtained from Fox News — Loudoun County Chief Juli Briskman criticized the district’s “low racial consciousness” and described its opposition to the CRT curriculum as “racism has evolved.”

“Being on the right side of history is not always easy,” Briskman wrote, in an apparent attempt to incite the spirits of board members as they deal with community outrage.

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Briskman’s letter is dated Tuesday. Although it is unclear whether the letter was written before or after a noisy Loudoun County school board meeting on Tuesday. This included a fiery speech from Fairfax County teacher Lilit Vanetsyan, who urged parents against lesson plans for their children. that they disagree

Vanetsyan accused CRT proponents of trying to turn local schools into “Cultivation camp” taught by white students “Hate yourself because of the color of your skin.”

Ian Pryor, Executive Director of FightForSchools.com And a former Justice Department official in the Trump administration has claimed that recent events in Loudoun County, northwest of Washington, D.C., reflect growing tensions across the United States between schools and families.

“What you see is a competition between school and family. And if the school doesn’t like what the family does They wouldn’t hesitate to take on that role and cause a real disaster in the family,” Pryor told Fox News.

Previously, he agreed that society needed to reevaluate the past from time to time. As society evolves and learns from its mistakes. But trying to update children’s books about puppets like Christopher Columbus might not be the best place to start, he said.

“Everyone realizes that history comes with … complex factors … like something that happened 700 years ago that we try to judge today,” he said. “And of course there is a place to reassess what is happening. There is a time and place for that. But that time and place is not second grade because now I have to deal with the fact that my daughter thought I had read to her a book about the killer.”

Juli Briskman (Loudoun County, Va. website)

Juli Briskman (Loudoun County, Va. website)

In a letter to her board, Briskman claimed that the school board and The “whole Loudoun government system” has “an ugly history of discrimination against black students. Even if the federal government orders all systems across the country to stop these practices.”

She claimed that the 2019 School Board Resolution stated that the county’s schools had “Low racial consciousness”, which includes students who report “Hateful, disrespectful and slanderous activities”

Bosses noted that the county earlier this year agreed to end a deal that called for policy reform. access to minority communities and third party inspection “To improve equal access for minority students”


“I stand by the school board. Because I found that I have encouragement to support all students, faculty, staff and families. Regardless of their skin color, race, gender, who they love, or their socioeconomic status,” Briskman writes, “I also support the school board while making the difficult but necessary decisions to reinforce these principles that lead towards the ultimate goal of peace and equality for all.”

Briskman represents the county’s Algonkian county and serves on the county’s Family Services Board, according to the Loudoun County’s official website. She began a career in journalism and later worked abroad for the US Department of State. The county’s biographical page said.

Fox News’ Michael Ruiz contributed to the story.

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