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Waiting for surgery after 6 weeks after COVID, ICMR | . Says Indian News

PUNE: Surgeons ask recovering coronavirus patients who choose non-urgent surgery or choose to undergo surgery for examination. RT-PCR/Repeat Antigen However, experts from the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) and the National COVID-19 Task Force have advised against repeating the coronavirus test within 102 days of recovery, citing a “Non-deadly viral particles” that remain in the body For a time, for a while.
These viral shards are not contagious. But it can cause false test results. Experts say surgeons should consider performing non-urgent surgery on recovering COVID-19 patients. After only 6 weeks of recovery, to ensure faster healing and recovery after surgery. Repeated tests are confirmed only 1
02 days after diagnosis, so repeat testing is not recommended within this time frame,” said infectious disease specialist Sanchai Pujaree. A member of the task force said

“In addition, a period of at least 6 weeks prior to non-urgent surgery is recommended for patients recovering from symptomatic coronavirus. For emergency surgery in recovering or recovering patients It must be done immediately with proper caution,” said Pujaree. If the patient has recurring symptoms of COVID A repeat examination and consultation with an infectious disease specialist will be considered.
Experts say the preoperative risk assessment of recovering COVID-19 patients should be “individual” based on the intensity of surgery. co-morbidity and risk-benefit ratio If the process is delayed, “residual symptoms such as fatigue, difficulty breathing and chest pain It is normal in patients infected with coronavirus. These symptoms can persist for more than 60 days after diagnosis,” Pujari said.

COVID May Affect Long-Term Effects on Heart Function a thorough pre-surgical evaluation which is pre-determined before surgery with special attention to the cardiovascular system. This should be considered in recovering patients and particularly in those with residual symptoms. According to guidelines released by the American Society of Anaesthesiology (ASA).
Sanjay Kolte, president of the Poona Surgical Society, said: “Retesting patients who recover within 102 days of a diagnosis of Covid increases anxiety and is a waste of money. More importantly, surgeons should take universal precautions while performing elective surgery rather than asserted in the RTPCR report.”
recommended waiting time
Four weeks for asymptomatic patients or those who have recovered from mild symptoms only
· Six weeks for symptomatic patients (including cough shortness of breath) that does not require hospitalization
· Eight to 10 weeks for patients with symptoms of diabetes Immunodeficiency or being hospitalized with COVID-19
Twelve weeks for patients admitted to the ICU with Covid-19
No repeat COVID test within 102 days
· People who have recovered from COVID do not need to take another RT-PCR test to determine if they are re-infected.
· It is possible that the swab test will return a positive result after detecting residual viruses. Even if the infection cleared the system, the ICMR study clarified.
· Inanimate viral shards are dead particles that can no longer infect or spread disease.
But if someone tests positive 102 days after the first outbreak of coronavirus This can be considered a case of new infections. A negative molecular test will be performed in between, ICMR said.

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