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Thanksgiving is still months away. But retailers have begun announcing holiday plans — and so far they look a lot like 2020.

Days after Walmart announced it would close its stores on Turkey Day, Best Buy complied Tuesday and confirmed to USA TODAY that the store will close Nov. 25. Target began closing its stores for the holiday in January, when the store said: ‘ Open on holiday which is a big shopping day together with Black Friday.

It’s the second year in a row that the big three retailers shut down on Thanksgiving. The trend is starting to reduce the number of people amid the coronavirus outbreak. and to drive more online sales

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Keegan Shoutz, a spokesperson for Best Buy, said in a statement to USA TODAY, “This year, we will have more ways for customers to shop during the holidays easily and conveniently. during Black Friday weekend and throughout the holiday season

The three stores also provided voluntary masks for fully vaccinated customers and employees. Unless state and local mask laws still apply.

many years ago Thanksgiving and Black Friday have officially kicked off the holiday shopping season and the time of year when shoppers focus on holiday spending.

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The rush of spending has given Black Friday its name, as is the time of year when retailers For nearly a decade, the official schedule has been creeping closer and closer to Thanksgiving, with the time people often spend around the holiday table.

with few exceptions Nearly every major retailer is closed for Thanksgiving 2020, shifting from the previous one to Black Friday. CVS, Walgreens, some grocery stores and convenience stores are among the businesses that operate.

Some retailers are traditionally closed for the holidays, such as Apple, Costco and Sam’s Club wholesale clubs, and home improvement stores Home Depot and Lowe’s. (See a full list of stores closed for Thanksgiving 2020 here.)

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The pandemic has prompted retailers to shift Black Friday from a short sale to a short sale. for a period of one month which started at the beginning of November as a way for shoppers to overcome the hustle and bustle and spread the demand.

that black friday It was the “silentest in 20 years” as real-life foot traffic dropped due to fears of the coronavirus outbreak, according to Coresight Research, which tracks retail data.

However, online sales soared during the traditional make-or-break shopping period. and on Cyber ​​Monday

Close Thanksgiving 2021

Costco, Lowe’s and Home Depot, Apple and other stores traditionally closed on holidays It is expected to close again on November 25.

This story will be updated as more retailers announce.

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