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Walmart, Trader Joe’s and Costco say that vaccinated customers do not need to wear masks in their stores.

(CNN) – Shoppers who are vaccinated against COVID-19 can shop without masks at select Walmart, Sam’s Club and Costco locations, including at Trader Joe’s, the company said in a separate announcement on day. Friday

The news follows new advice that people who are fully vaccinated can go without masks under most circumstances.

On Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that those fully vaccinated do not need to wear masks or practice social isolation indoors or out, except in nursing homes, public transport or local. Others require the government to use a mask. People still have to adhere to recommendations for wearing a mask at workplaces and local businesses, the CDC said.

Friday afternoon, Walmart executives sent letters to Walmart and Sam̵

7;s Club stores and supply chain facilities urging employees to get vaccinated. The letter states that on Friday “Vaccated customers and members can shop without masks,” while non-vaccinated shoppers will be asked to wear masks in stores.

Walmart did not clarify whether customers would have to provide proof of vaccination to enter the store without a mask.

The letter states that fully vaccinated workers will be allowed to work without masks from May 18, and that some workers may need to continue wearing masks for health or hygiene reasons.

The letter further stated that “The mask has to be masked in accordance with the laws of some cities and states, and we will comply with those requirements.”

Walmart, Trader Joe's and Costco said vaccinated customers were not required to wear masks in their stores.

Trader Joe’s customers do not have to wear a mask while shopping, the grocery store said on May 14.

At Costco, vaccinated customers can shop without masks in U.S. locations where there are no state or local mask regulations.

“We will allow fully vaccinated members and guests to enter Costco without masks or face shields,” the company said in a message posted on its website on Friday. It is still recommended that all members and guests, especially those at high risk, wear a mask or shield. “

Costco does not need evidence that the customer has been vaccinated. But the message said “We seek our cooperation responsibly and with respect to our members with this revised policy.”

All customers will still be required to wear the face mask in Costco pharmacies and other healthcare facilities, according to the company.They will also have to wear it if they are in a store at a location where mandatory paperwork is required.

At Trader Joe’s, “we encourage customers to follow the recommendations of health workers, including the CDC’s guidelines that advise customers who are fully vaccinated not to wear a mask while shopping,” the grocery store said in a statement on Facebook. Friday website.

Trader Joe’s is keeping up with several outbreak policies, such as health checks for employees and spacing people inside their stores, according to the company statement.The grocery chain will never request or require evidence of vaccination from Kenya Friend’s customers. Trader Joe spokesperson Daniel told CNN Business in an email, she noted that employees still have to wear masks at this time.

Other retailers are not going to change their policies for now.For example, Walgreens has decided to keep its masking policy after spending time reviewing the requirements, according to spokesperson Emily Mekstan.

“As a destination for vaccines and COVID testing, we have decided to maintain our current face masking policy now,” Mekstan told CNN Business in an email on Friday.

On the COVID-19 FAQ site, which was last updated on May 6, the company said, “Customers must wear a veil before entering the store, unless doing so interferes with the health of the individual or in the event of an accident. That person is under 2 years old. Kroger and others still want customers to wear masks in stores.

The union representing groceries and retail workers said stores on Thursday should require customers to continue to wear masks to protect workers.United Food and Commercial Workers union president Marc Perrone called the CDC’s advice “. Confusing, “added that” it does not consider how this will affect essential workers who are frequently exposed to unvaccinated individuals and refuse to wear masks. “

Lisa LaBruno, senior executive vice president of the Retail Industry Leaders Association, said on Thursday the advice. It “creates ambiguity” for retailers, as national recommendations may not match local orders.

“These conflicting positions put retailers and their employees in an incredibly difficult situation,” she said.

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