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Walter Mondale, former vice president under Jimmy Carter, dies.

He said one of his most proud legislative achievements was his leadership role in making it easier for the Senate to cut its part by 60 votes under a governing shift instead of two-thirds of the votes as it used to. Set He said one of the biggest regrets was his delay until 2016. Fri 1969 in opposition to the Vietnam War

In 1970, Mr Mondale’s name was on the list of possible applicants to national positions. He wrote a campaign book “The Accountability of Power: Toward a Responsible Presidency” (1975) in which he criticized Richard M. Nixon’s “Emperor’s Presidency” and then competed for the 1

976 presidency.

The campaign goes nowhere. “I remember after a year I ran six points behind” Don’t Know, “” Mondale said in a 2010 interview. He ended his bid early in 1974 in a withdrawal. He said he lacked a “overwhelming desire to become president”, comments likely to haunt him.

Conservative Southerner-winning Democrat Mr Carter is looking for a liberal colleague from the north who can help him get support in an industrial state. Mr. Mondale is at the top of everyone’s list. But he had mixed feelings until he got an agreement from the nominees that he would take a full policy role, extending from most of his duties at most ceremonies assigned to most vice presidents.

Mr. Mondale Chief of Staff Richard Moe said that Mr. Humphrey was equally persuaded. “‘Fritz,’ he said, ‘If you have the opportunity to become Vice President, you should take it,'” Mr Moe recalls.

At work, Mr. Carter was faithful to his words of delivering important responsibilities to him in the White House, Mr Mondale said in 2010. “Carter listened to me a lot, I think,” he said. Avoid making a win loss record. But he is wonderful for me and Joanna. They never underestimate our independence or our integrity or our position. ”

Some in the president’s circles, such as National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, later scorned Mr Mondale’s information, largely because it was political advice. In one case, Mondale argued that it was unsuccessful in imposing sanctions on grain in the Soviet Union following the late 1979 invasion of Afghanistan.

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