Longtime movie star George Segal and now grandfather of ABC̵

7;s “The Goldbergs” has died at age 87.

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Walter Olkewicz, the actor best known as the sassy bartender Jacques Renault in “Twin Peaks,” Dougie Boudreau, an oil refinery worker on TV’s “Grace Under Fire” and the cable actor who made Krema. Boring in “Seinfeld” died. He was 72 years old.

Olkewicz died on Tuesday in his Los Angeles home after a long illness, according to his screenwriter son Zak Olkewicz.

“He’s a great guy who drives a love of creativity and art into everything he does,” Zak Olkewicz told his father in USA TODAY. “He gave me that passion and I look forward to delivering. On to the grandchildren he loves very much. “

Olkewicz has been a prominent and familiar figure on TV and in movies for decades, appearing alongside Tony Danza throughout five seasons of “Who’s the Boss?” As Tiny McGee from 1987 and around the same time as Tony. Dramas including Walter Plimp in “Night Court”

On the fan-favorite “Seinfeld” episode “Cadillac,” Olkewicz plays the Plaza Cable employee Nick, who is hostile to Kramer. A violent feud ends with a Kramer / Kramer hug.

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Olkewicz was born on May 14, 1948 in Bayonne, New Jersey, graduated from Bayonne High School in 1966 and Colorado State University before making his on-screen debut in the film Futureworld in the year. 1976

On the big screen, Olkewicz portrayed Private Hinshaw in its lead cast, including John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Mickey Rourke and John Candy in Steven Spielberg’s 1941 WWII comedy.

He makes a brief but memorable appearance as the lawyer for the mob, Jerome “Romey” Clifford, whose death by suicide sets the stage for a legal thriller in the year. 1994 based on John Grisham’s novel The Client.

Olkewicz’s most famous role was as a croupier and bartender Jacques Renault in the 1990 season of “Twin Peaks”. Jacques and Olkewicz are back.

“After the series closed, David said. ‘We love what you do, we want you to see this movie,’ ‘Olkewicz told The Jersey Journal in 2017. “I said,’ David, I was killed last episode. ‘He said,’ Bull, we had an incident. In retrospect, we have a dream sequence, we’ll bring you back. ”

Olkewicz appeared as Jacques in the 1992 prequel Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. In Showtime’s 2017 series “Twin Peaks”, he starred as a cousin with Jean-Michel Reno. For his last performance

After complications from knee surgery, Olkewicz had to be behind the bar for the presence of “Twin Peak” “so you can’t see he couldn’t stand,” said Zak Olkewicz. “But he wouldn’t turn around. Why did you take that role? “

The survivors include his son Zak, daughter-in-law Katrina Rennells, actor and screenwriter, and his loving grandchildren Sadie, 3, and Declan, 1.

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