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WandaVision Doctor Strange Cameo is written out of the Finale – / movie

wandavision doctor strange

Wanda Vision Originally built to be the main cameo in the finale And no, it̵

7;s not Mephisto.

According to a new interview with Rolling Stone, the head of Marvel Studios. Kevin Feige Revealed that the hijack would be Benedict CumberbatchDoctor Strange and Feige also explained why the Sorcerer Supreme was written out of the hustling Disney + series.

Wanda Vision It’s a hot bed of fan theory and guesswork throughout nine short but brilliant episodes.Who is behind this weird hometown sitcom? Who is Agatha Harkness? Is anyone really a Mephisto? And what happened to all those mystical ads?

Many of these questions have not been answered or refuted. But one of those weird hanging plot threads got a response: These ads were intended to recreate the look of Doctor Strange Feige, confirming Rolling Stone in the May 2021 print of the magazine that the ads were supposed Goosebumps for wearables like the Toast Mate, Strücker Watch and Hydra Soak are more than just a reminder of Wanda (Elizabeth OlsenFormer – They were originally intended as a message sent to Wanda from Doctor Strange as he tries to delve into the making of her sitcom. (The article is not yet online But we drove to the store and confirmed these words were true.) To Rolling Stone, Marvel concluded a deal with Cumberbatch to appear in the season finale. But in a late rewrite the Sorcerer Supreme was written out, Feige said:

“Some people might say ‘Oh, it would be cool to watch Doctor Strange, but it must have left Wanda. We don’t want the show’s ending to be a commodity to go to the next movie – these are white people. ‘Let me show you how the power works.’

Wanda Vision The ending was divisive, especially because it felt like rushed to the finish line in properly dealing with Wanda’s grief and defining the impact of Wanda’s actions through the MCU. Captain marvel Sequel wonderful With Monica Rambeau’s (Teyonah Parris) Newfound power, as well as Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness With Wanda’s embrace of her Scarlet Witch identity, it was widely speculated that Wanda Vision Will be bound to the file Doctor Strange Sequel, why not bring the Cumberbatch to seal the deal?

But the ending looks messy enough, and the Doctor Strange hijack will make it even more so while taking away the precious Wanda precious time we’ve been given. Interestingly, it means that. Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness Must also be rewritten Although this does not confirm the assumptions that the file Wanda Vision The team wrote a fierce new series in response to fan theory, commenting on Marvel’s overall writing process, which Feige described to Rolling Stone: “[A] A great mix of very dedicated coordination and chaos. Chaos magic “

You can see Scarlet Witch and Sorcerer Supreme teaming up in Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness, In the cinema March 25, 2022

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