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Want COVID? You may need to leave the Bay Area.

Worried about getting a COVID shot? The state will open appointments to everyone in the next week. But you probably won’t have to wait that long – if you’re willing to drive a few more miles to get the jab.

A number of vaccination locations facing excessive shots have opened doors for all adults regardless of their age, employment status, medical history or where they live. All California adults aged 16 and over will be eligible from April 15.The vaccination requirements and rules for who can receive the vaccine vary from county to county and even from clinic to clinic. That means finding an appointment has become an Easter egg hunt for the intended Bay Area vaccine seeker, many of whom are desperate to wait a week or worry that the picture will become more difficult when everyone in the state is eligible. The state also confirmed that the vaccine supply is expected to drop in the coming weeks, potentially slowing down first appointments and increasing anxiety.

UC Davis Medical Center this week began vaccinating all Californians aged 1

6 and over after having as many as 1,500 appointments without using them each day.

“We decided that it would be better to fill those appointments with people who are eager to get vaccinated rather than leave a gap while we wait for the calendar to change to April 15,” said spokeswoman Tricia. Tomiyoshi wrote in an emailed statement, “Every vaccination draws closer to ending this epidemic.”

The responses were “overwhelming,” and appointments quickly filled, including people from outside Sacramento County, although UC Davis did not keep track of who was driving. Since then, the center has added more channels.

In other locations, authorities are removing age restrictions, but only for local residents.

Alameda County offers COVID images to every adult living in dozens of zip codes affected by the virus, regardless of age or occupation. These zip codes include neighborhoods in East Oakland, West Oakland, Hayward and San Leandro.

“Many of our frontline workers and important families live in these important zip codes, often in crowded and multi-generational households,” Alameda County Department of Health spokesman Neetu Balram wrote in an email. It helps us achieve the goal of equality and serve communities that are burdened with disproportionate burdens throughout the epidemic. ”

A Santa Clara County representative said residents 16 and older can register from Thursday for next week’s appointments. But some people who tried to report the problem and the lack of openings

And Fresno County on Thursday opened up vaccinations to anyone aged 16 and over, citing a compelling need, The Fresno Bee reported.

While many local counties are unable to get nearly enough vaccines for everyone in need of vaccination. But it wasn’t everywhere.The CVS website on Thursday showed dating in Bakersfield and Eureka, but nowhere in the Bay Area.

Cal State Bakersfield was photographed in the arms of someone who was young and healthy and may not qualify for other facilities, prompting people from Los Angeles County to flock to university. The Los Angeles Times reports the Bakersfield Vaccination Center prioritizes residents of Kern County, according to a Kaiser Permanente spokesperson who helped run the site.

But “with the capability of our vaccine schedule, as well as the vaccination, we accept walk-in vaccinations as well as from outside the area,” spokesperson Terry Kanakri wrote in an emailed statement. More and more eligible in Kern County to register for vaccines, walk-in vaccinations are likely to decline or eventually end. ”

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