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WaPo Columnist Roasts Media on COVID-19 Lab Theory on Faces: ‘Zero Self Awareness’

Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin hits the mainstream again. He previously rejected the theory that COVID-19 may have originated in a leaked Wuhan lab in China. by tweeting on Saturday that journalists should “Own” when they “fail” readers and encourage them to “just report the facts”.

“Male love most men. [mainstream media] Journalists do not ‘ignore’ lab leak theory They put their best efforts for more than a year while pretending to be objective from the toxic mix of confirmation bias. source bias (Their scientists source lied to them.) The group thinks TDS. [Trump Derangement Syndrome] and general incompetence,” said Ro Jin, one of the few journalists to have reported China̵

7;s role in the epidemic and questioned the origins of the virus. Tweeted on Saturday

He continued, “Besides, the leak theory in the lab didn’t change, it suddenly became unreliable. not jumping from madness to reason The theory is always the same. the person who got it wrong, change their minds, they write about themselves, there is no self-awareness. “

Rogin noted that “All these journalists trying to defend their own records of the lab leak theory are exposing their own hypocrisy and ignoring their fundamental mistakes.”

“Just report the facts,” he emphasizes, “don’t act like it’s your job to tell us what you think or say. Accept it when you fail your reading.”

After a report from the Wall Street Journal revealed that US intelligence At least three Wuhan scientists are believed to have been hospitalized in November 2019 with COVID-like symptoms. “Conspiracy Theory” Could Be True

on thursday Former State Department official David Asher told Fox News that last year’s government investigation into the origins of the corona found little evidence of COVID-19. originated from nature

Former State Department official: COVID in situ investigation finds little evidence to support natural origin

The investigation was taken from the State Department’s Arms Control and Inspection Office (AVC). and made its debut at the request of former Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. before the end of this year

Asher, the lead contractor for the matter, said the research team examined two main hypotheses about the origin of the virus. Another is the leak lab theory that gained credibility after widespread media layoffs last year.

“The data was disproportionately stacked as we examined whether it came out of a lab or a supernatural source,” he said.

Rogin also embarrassed those who rejected the lab leak theory earlier this month by tweeting, “If you’re writing an article defending yourself for a year’s worth of lab leak hypothesis by blaming someone else. except yourself in your own fault You haven’t learned anything. And you’re just messing around with a bull — a navel that no one really cares.”

“I think a lot of science writers are racing to think that ‘How do I position myself’ and ‘How do I look sensible while changing positions’ and ‘Am I not good at finally having a goal after a year of failure?’ he continued.

He went on to say that “What these science journalists don’t admit is that they’re taken from their best scientists. which deliberately misled them. causing damage to our science, journalism and public health.”

Rogin added, “A well-understood scientist is one who has no conflict of interest.”

“And saying, ‘Okay, I guess we’ll never know’ is a terrible cop,” he continued in another tweet. “If you are willing to accept that the lab leak theory is possible. You must call for a full review now. including our lab with important data. in a conscious world That is going on.”

Fox News medical advocate Dr. Nicole Saphier responded to a series of Rogin’s tweets, writing that when she “Speaking of the possibility of the lab’s escape last year,” she “was immediately dismissed because “the claim was rejected by an expert.”

Members of the media have already tried to turn new understandings into the lab’s leak hypothesis, with New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman accusing former President Trump and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, both of which Publicly suggested that the virus originated in a lab in Wuhan. The base suspected in the media that there was no evidence to support their claims.

Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler similarly raised eyebrows to declare that the theory “Instantly reliable”

Last week, Pompeo said it was “outrageous” that senior government epidemiologist Anthony Fauci and others at the start of the pandemic denied the possibility of COVID-19 escaping from Wuhan. Institute of Virology, a laboratory located in Wuhan, China, where the outbreak began.


Pompeo’s comments came after a former State Department official told Fox News about a month before the first COVID-19 report was reported in Wuhan. A foreign government contact told a foreign ministry official that several workers at the Wuhan Virus Institute fell ill in mid-November 2019.

Joseph A. Wulfsohn, David Rutz, Brooke Singman, Tyler Olson and Jennifer Griffin of Fox News contributed to the report.

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