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Warzone Season 3 Remote Meta: Loaded Out the Best of JGOD to Replace AMAX.

Call of Duty: JGOD, a regular Warzone community analyst, examined the best long-range gun loading class that could replace AMAX when it was nerfed during Season 3.

Following Buff and Nerve Season 3 of WarzoneThe CR-56 AMAX has become the dominant meta in the distance, while the second generation has a lot of variety. Soon this may change as Raven Software has. Announcing upcoming certifications to AMAX (Just like any other gun)

For those looking to prepare for the post-AMAX world, or just for those who want to fight grain and play something other than AMAX right now, JGOD has some options.The popular Warzone YouTuber has tested the capabilities of 1

1 different assault rifles. And light machine guns in the distance

Working through a spreadsheet detailing kill times. (Based on firing position, recoil, rate of fire and bullet speed), the JGOD offers a few interesting options to consider at range. Although the meta is based on the patch details. But all of these lead to some quality options.

The 5 Best Long-Range Loading of JGOD’s Warzone Season 3

First, JGOD got rid of the six guns from Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War that were “very good” but without competition: Kilo, AN-94, M16, FiNN, M13 and PKM. That gave him 11 different ARs and LMGs. To consider But five things stand out:

  • Bruen MK9 (LMG, MW)
  • Grade 5.56 (AR, MW)
  • War 6 (AR, MW)
  • M4-A1 (AR, MW)
  • Stoner 63 (LMG, BOCW)

Looking at the JGOD spreadsheet, it becomes clear that AMAX is on a level of its own in terms of TTK, but the realization of the importance of strong recoil, such strong guns as the XM4, RAM-7 and AK-47 (BOCW) have all been dropped. As a remote option because of how difficult it is to control

The FARA 83, on the other hand, is fairly easy to control for the BOCW AR, but gets racked up as changes are expected when AMAX is there.That gives us the five options mentioned above, each with advantages and disadvantages. Own waste

Best Digit after AMAX Warzone: Stoner, M4 or Krig?

warzone season 3 long term ttk

TTK comparison chart (chest image with fully armored enemy) with full load. (Save for BOCW ammunition)

As you can see in the comparison chart, the TTK from TrueGameData AMAX is excellent – but even without a nerf, the Stoner performed better on the TTK from about 37 to 57 meters.

But for players who like their mobility and easier loading times, the M4 is very attractive. With comfortable recoil and quality damage, the nostalgic AR works very similarly to the Stoner, while other ARs are about 45 meters away.

As noted by JGOD, there is a difference between a real TTK and a practical TTK. His spreadsheet shows the TTK’s dynamics based on the head shot, which is related to the ease of handling the player’s gun.

For this reason, while the Stoner and M4 stand out as viable options after the AMAX modifications, the Krig and Grau deserve to be considered if you want their style of recoil. With the nerf coming in, we will keep tabs on upcoming news and metadata. In the meantime, test out these guns and complement them with JGOD’s favorite close-range options.

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