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Washington Post, owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, endorsed the closure of Parler.

An editorial panel from The Washington Post has voiced support for censorship amid the ongoing efforts by big tech to shut down social media platform Parler.

In the headline “Parler deserves to be removed, we still need new rules for the internet,” the post describes the app as An “unfair social media site” that could give President Trump another platform after he permanently banned Twitter and a suspension elsewhere. But now, even Parler is no longer an option for president, as Apple and Google removed the app from its stores and Amazon Web Services all pulled the plug from the program.

PARLER BLASTS AOC CEO, an elected official who was called to ban his apps.

“Mr Trump and his followers said they were victims of conservative anti-discrimination, their complaints were unreliable,”

; the editorial wrote. “It is right for actors in the organization to refute the sites it speaks for, for the possibility of causing dangers, such as the blatant plot that preceded last week’s armed revolt in the United States.” Town hall “

After acknowledging that the paper belonged to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the Post called for more “regulations” on the Internet to help the public. “Safety guarantee”

“If we want the road rules for Twitters and Parlers of the Web – the rules about inciting violence, for example, should be set by our elected representatives, not the unelected CEOs,” said the post. Explain, “And if we want those rules to be enforced fairly without targeting offensive speech, then we should insist that companies put in place systems for transparency, notice and appeal their decisions.”

Helping Parents Follow TWITTER’s Permanent Trump Suspension

The editorial team later said “Some people say that this slides us into reducing the unacceptable expression to be right. But, another option is the unchecked violent rhetoric that we now know can result in violent action. It is time for the people to insist on the government’s role and to set some rules that balance the urgency of free speech and the need for public safety. ”

Parlor, which describes itself as an unbiased platform representing free speech, has gained a lot of popularity among new users after Twitter announced that President Trump was permanently banned from the platform, causing supporters of the president. Escape to a Trump-friendly app.

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Shortly thereafter, however, Parler himself came under siege by liberal critics and other tech giants for allegedly letting radical rhetoric flow onto the platform following last week’s uprising on Capitol Hill.

Parler responded to Amazon by filing an antitrust lawsuit against the Bezos-run company.

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