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Watch: Rio de Janeiro’s Redeemer Jesus Christ Statue is lit up with a vaccine message.

Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue was lit on Saturday with messages supporting equal access to the coronavirus vaccine in Brazil and around the world.

The word “Vaccine Saves” and the same phrase in Portuguese “Vacina Salva” were screened at famous Brazilian landmarks over the weekend, a message promoting equal access to the coronavirus vaccine as developing countries struggle. To obtain sufficient quantity

Under the main text on the statue lies the Portuguese phrase “unidos pela vacina”, which means “unity with vaccines”, the name of the initiative of the Mulheres do Brasil, a human rights group that focuses on human rights groups. Women in brazil In addition, logos of the initiative and parent groups were also displayed. In the photos and videos of the illuminated landmark, groups of people are seen wearing T-shirts bearing the same slogan.

The “Unite Power Through Vaccine” program describes itself as a “A civil society movement that brings together hundreds of agencies, corporations, associations and non-governmental organizations for a single purpose: to enable all Brazilians to be vaccinated until September 2021.”

Last year, the statue was lit as doctors wore a medical gown and a stethoscope and the words “thank you” on Easter Sunday in honor of healthcare workers at the front of the outbreak.

Earlier this year, Brazil set up a vaccination station under a Redeemer statue where residents can get pictures of the Chinese-made CoronaVac on a hill overlooking Rio de Janeiro.

Other religious sites around the world have been converted to vaccine stations as well, including many British cathedrals, including 800-year-old Salisbury Cathedral in the United States.Churches across the country have offered their spaces as sites. Pop-ups for vaccination drives

Brazil is one of the countries hardest hit by the epidemic, with more than 15.6 million coronavirus cases, according to state government data. More than 435,000 people died from coronavirus in the country on Sunday evening. Brazil has a population of 211 million.

Last month, Brazil recorded national statistics that more than 4,200 people died in a single day as it fought to contain more control over the spread of the virus.

“The acceleration of the epidemic in states has led to the collapse of public and private hospital systems, which could soon become the case in all regions of Brazil,” Brazil’s National Health Secretariat Society wrote in a statement. In March, “Sadly, the introduction of the anemia vaccine and the speed of service has yet to suggest that this situation will reverse in the short term.”

The nation’s 27 health secretaries recommend a blockade in areas without beds, the ICU and a strict curfew. The secretary blamed the lack of consistent and unified national leadership in the reaction to the epidemic.

As of Sunday, the United States reported nearly 33 million people with the coronavirus and more than 585,000 deaths.

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