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Watch the intelligence of NASA’s Mars helicopters make their first flight on another planet.

3-pia24584-first brilliance-black and white-heli-shot from the air

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter takes this image as it floats over the surface of Mars on April 19, 2021


NASA / JPL-CalTech

Humanity’s first flight on other planets was short. But it was very sweet on Monday, NASA shared the full video and additional photos sent from the file. Perseverance rover on Mars Of his best friend, a tiny helicopter named Ingenuity, in action.

“This is really the Wright brothers’ moment,” NASA Administrator Steve Jurczyk said at a news conference Monday.

The solar-powered aircraft weighs 4 pounds (1.8 kg). Lifted off the floor, Jezero Crater. At 12:34 p.m. PT (3:34 p.m. ET) climbs to a height of 10 feet (3 m), rotates 96 degrees in the air and maintains a stable flight for 30 seconds, then taps into the Most of the same spot after flying for 39 seconds.

All images were recorded in the video above, recorded in 1,280×720 resolution by Mastcam-Z on Perseverance from the rover’s vantage point approximately 211 feet (64.3 m) away.

“It was a slight wind blow,” explains Ingenuity’s chief pilot, Håvard Grip, while reviewing the video on Monday. “And it started landing”

The upward-facing black-and-white navigation camera in Ingenuity also captures some footage during the flight.

Grip announces that the International Civil Aviation Organization has designated Ingenuity as the official designated IGY and the flight facility has designated JZRO for the Jezero Crater.

Meanwhile, NASA has named the location of Ingenuity’s first Wright Brothers Field flight in honor of America’s notorious aviation pioneer.

Its ingenuity makes the long journey to Mars in the belly of perseverance, and so is it. Fell to the surface of Mars on April 3Several weeks after the rover’s landing on February 18.

Monday’s short delay is expected to be the first of at least one flight attempt for the little chopper.

MiMi Aung, Intelligence Project Manager She said she hopes to squeeze about four more flights in the two weeks remaining in the trial flight window. The flight, she said, will focus on expanding the capabilities of the aircraft go further and faster.

“We will push the envelope,” Aung said, adding that her team will continue to verify all information before the next flight. But the current target for Ingenuity’s next test is Thursday.

When asked if Ingenuity’s final fate might have gone wrong, she replied: “Ultimately, we expect the helicopters to reach their limits.”

Stay tuned. Things are just starting to heat up on the frozen red planet right now, humanity’s space robots are no longer grounded.

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