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Watch the moment the Chinese rover Zhurong landed on Mars. Listening to trucks for the first time • Registration

video China’s National Space Agency has released videos and pictures of the first Mars rover to fly on the surface of the Red Planet.

Making a single robot on Mars isn’t easy. China is the only second world country that has successfully pulled it out of the United States. The Middle Kingdom’s Zhurong rover broke away from the Tianwen-1 mothership and landed last month.


A shadow cast by Zhurong rover, the first non-American rover on Mars… Image Credit: China̵

7;s National Space Administration. Click to enlarge

“On the morning of the 27th, Tianwen-1 was in orbit for 338 days, 360 million kilometers from Mars,” the CNSA said.

“The Zhurong rover has been working on the Martian surface for 42 days on Mars. and a total travel distance of 236 meters. The orbiter and Mars rover are in good working order. Mars Safety Report to Party and Homeland and send a distant blessing over the centuries of the founding of the party.”

The statement from the agency was released before the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

Below is a short clip. recorded by a camera aboard Zhurong as it used a parachute to slow down during its descent from Tianwen-1 to the Martian surface. The footage also includes a grayscale shot of the car as it swings sideways and reorients itself as it tries to pick a clear spot to land.

Youtube video of the rover landing.

The second clip released not only features additional footage of the trundle bot in action, but also the sound of what it sounds like as the rover rolls off the ramp from its landing point to touch the planet. red for the first time The sound of the wind was in the background and the heavy clatter from the robots driving down the slope.

Youtube video of the Land Rover in motion.

in the same clip Wireless cameras placed on the ground recorded that Zhurong was slowly driving the truck off to explore Mars. In the background, the lander was visible. (Skip to about 1:04) The photo was taken earlier this month after the rover’s official deployment in May.

The Zhurong is smaller than NASA’s Perseverance and Curiosity rover roaming the rusty world. It weighs about 240 kilograms and is about 1.85 meters tall.

The probe is armed with dozens of scientific instruments and is powered by six wheels and four solar panels. They were tasked with analyzing rock samples to hunt for traces of water. China hopes to have its citizens on Mars by 2040 ®

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