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Wawa celebrates Mare of Easttown with a new cheesesteak.

Whether you’re setting up shop on the couch to binge on HBO’s new shows, or are exhausted after a long day tracking down killers while exposing the demons that haunt small town Philadelphia. There’s nothing like a sandwich from Wawa, for example. Mare of East Town self demonstrates to adhere to Hollywood reporterThe Philadelphia Group is celebrating the opening of a new store in Delco. (that is, Delaware County to yinz), announced Thursday.”Mare of East Town Day” and released a limited-edition sandwich in honor of the recently ended series. which is a reminder of Kate Winslet, who tries to find out who killed the girl in cold blood.

per THRLocal police and firefighters will be honored at the opening ceremony. and Wawa will donate money to the charity of their choice. In addition to the $10,000 donation to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Meanwhile, shop visitors will receive a free coffee and “first 100 customers will receive a ‘Wawa Delco’ t-shirt, while anyone who stops in can order.”Mare of East Town Spicy Cheesesteak” which will be available at various locations.

Wawa said the sandwich was “A nod to how spicy the show is,” so maybe bring some Tums in case you’re having a heart attack. Definitely not from a sandwich. But from that time you compromise the morality of trying to help your family the wrong way, the one who will haunt you with secrets and unspoken guilt until the day you die, even if you end up remembering that time. Solve that murder case, Mare.

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