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“We are still flying” – deadline

On wednesday, Bridgerton Breakout Regé-Jean Page appears to have claimed he was denied a key role in the Syfy / DC series. krypton, Because of his race

“Hearing about these conversations was no less painful than I had heard at the time. The statement was almost more physically hurt. [to be honest]The actor tweeted. “Still just do mine. We are still working We can still fly “

While Page did not clarify what he was specifically talking about. krypton, The word ‘fly’ seems a pretty clear indication that he refers to a Superman-centric show.

Page’s comments came from an interview with Ray Fisher, published yesterday by The Hollywood Reporter, while Fisher spoke of alleged racism and misconduct on Warner Bros.’s part. Ars co-founder Johns, co-founder of DC Films, and others during the new shoot on Justice leagueThe piece also addresses the alleged problematic behavior of Johns in addition to the production itself.

Page Regé-Jean is not returning for season 2 of ‘Bridgerton’.

It was alleged that Page was previously recruited to play Superman’s grandfather Seg-El. BridgertonDebut with the creators of krypton They expressed their enthusiasm “about the off-the-beaten-track casting.” However, Page later learned that he would not be getting the part. While overseeing the series, it was reported that Johns said “Superman can’t have a black grandfather.” At the same time rejecting the idea of ​​creating a gay or bisexual superhero Adam Strange.

Created by David S.Goyer and Damian Kindler krypton Set some 200 years before Superman’s birth, it brings to mind the untold story of the superhero’s grandfather and his fight for justice on his home planet. The role of Seg-El will eventually go to Cameron Cuffe.

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