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We have unlocked the mystery of the blood clot.

German scientists say they have discovered why some coronavirus vaccines cause rare and potentially deadly blood clots. Experts caution against this theory. The problem is that AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson’s “adenovirus vector” vaccine delivery method has not been proven or peer reviewed. and there are other possibilities But in the pre-print study Scientists at Goethe University say adenovirus vectors, which are harmless viruses, used to send genetic instructions to cells to produce the coronavirus̵

7; Spike protein, which triggers an immune response—sending these instructions to the nucleus, which It’s the center of the cell, Bloomberg said. “which normally produces proteins.” Vaccines that use mRNA technology, like those of Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna deliver the genetic material of the coronavirus-blocking protein to the fluid portion of the cell. not nucleus

“RNA genes are not optimized for gene transcription within the nucleus,” lead author Rolf Marschalek told Deutsche Welle there. Some of the protein-blocking DNA can be separated. This causes a mutation that prevents the protein from attaching to cells, according to CBC News, the protein can flow through the bloodstream. stimulate an inflammatory reaction Researchers point to On the bright side, Marschalek told the CBC that the adenovirus vector vaccine (Russian Sputnik 5th is another) can modify. to avoid “It’s too soon to come to a conclusion,” J&J’s Janssen Pharmaceuticals said, according to Bloomberg. “Emphasize that the production of this truncated needle could be good. But it stops giving a concrete link to the promotion of blood clotting.” (Read more coronavirus vaccine stories.)

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