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We may be facing a gas shortage this summer.

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If you’re looking to summer as an opportunity to get off and get into much-needed travel therapy, you may find yourself stuck. That is because we may have a gas shortage as there are not enough tanker drivers to deliver gas where it is needed. CNN reports.

Here’s a little more information from the article:

According to the National Tank Truck Carrier, the industry’s trade group is between 20% and 25% of Tank trucks in the fleet are moored for the summer due to the inconvenience. Of the qualified drivers at this point in 2019, only 10% of trucks are idle for that reason.

“We deal with files. Driver shortage whileBut the outbreak caused the problem and spread it, ”said Ryan Streblow, NTTC executive vice president.

Of course, the driver left the business last year when Demand for gasoline is coming to a close. between An early outbreak-related shutdown

NTTC also has tank drivers who have been delivering Amazon packages for a while so they can be effectively hired. But it’s not enough

“Many drivers do not want to follow safety measures,” it said. Holly McCormick, vice president responsible for driver recruitment and retention at Groendyke Transport, an Oklahoma tanker company.We also work with a number of older agencies, saying, ‘I might as well use it as a sign of retirement.’ ”

And it’s not always easy to get such a quick response to replace those drivers. Prospective drivers will need a commercial driver’s license, special certification, and several weeks of training. And that is, let’s say you have interested applicants for a difficult job, even if companies are increasing their pay rates significantly.

Obviously, without enough drivers it will take longer for the gas to be delivered where it is needed. Jeff Lenard, a spokesman for the National Convenience Store Association, said his components were already aware of weaknesses in the supply system and that they expected hotspot areas to be adversely affected and thus. In this they will lose business.

Of course, even talking about gas shortages can exacerbate the problem – people are always rushing to the store to make any purchases right away. That may be in short supply That’s not ideal for now, as car travel has just returned to pre-epidemic levels and with a growing interest in summer travel. (Now more hotels are booked than plane tickets, suggesting road trips.) We can expect gas prices to soar above $ 3 per gallon, and that’s exactly what you can find right from the start.

And this point is better than just gasoline. The California Farm Bureau reports that food processors are concerned that there will not be enough drivers to transport produce during the harvest season.

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