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Wendy’s Stock Soars As Reddit Crowds Talk About ‘Chicken N’

stock of Wendy (Wen) It was up more than 25% in trading Tuesday afternoon after Reddit’s investment community began publishing positive reviews about the fast-food chain. by addressing the company’s disrespectful social media feeds and The “chicken tendon” that makes it “is truly the perfect stock for this sub.”
But Wendy is not the same. AMC (AMC), GameStop (GME) or other stocks Most of the likes of Reddit traders, especially It̵
7;s not the company that many short selling hedge funds are betting on.

In fact, Wendy’s major shareholder is hedge fund Trian, which is managed by Nelson Peltz. Trian owns approximately 12% of the company, while Petlz owns another 7% of the company. Top mutual fund firms Vanguard and BlackRock also own more than 7%.

These AMC folks sold $8 million in stock during their booming week.
Still, that could be a recipe for a big stock increase. One investor on Reddit noted earlier this week the fact that the stock is widely owned by insiders and large institutional companies. may ripen such stocks

“Craze+Scarcity+Low volume means that small purchases can drive up prices quickly,” wrote a Reddit user.

Other Reddit users noted that Wendy’s social media team has a knack for dipping. McDonald’s (MCD) and other competitors on Twitter. Such disrespect can help the company gain new investors, too.
Wendy loved the social media notoriety, describing its Twitter feed as follows: “We like our tweets the same way we like to make our hamburgers: better than one would expect from a gourmet dish. express”
And some Reddit users are quick to point out that Wendy’s investors are creating a big “trend,” a term that is both the WSB code for trading profits and the nickname of Wendy’s chicken nuggets.

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