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WFAN’s Evan Roberts melts after the Nets trade James Harden.

After the blockbuster trade that sent James Harden to Brooklyn – and an endless draft pick and a pair of young players to Houston, one of the fans who spoke frankly. Most straight forward of the Nets (and only) not impressed

“My first reaction was shock, fear, and I was angry,” WFAN host Evan Roberts said on the radio when details of the deal took place on Wednesday. [Sean Marks]Which has been talking about culture for 87 years and he will exchange every draft pick – because you know they are all gone. All the selected figures that were created are gone. Caris LeVert is gone. They are all gone. Sean Marks swaps everyone? ”

Not quite but close

Marks traded LeVert ̵

1; and Jarrett Allen with three first-round qualifiers and four first-round draft picks for Rockets in exchange for Harden, who will team up with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

The deal, similar to the one Marks replaced – Billy King – did for Boston in 2013 when the Nets traded three unprotected first-round picks for the Celtics in exchange for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce before the franchise. Will move from Jersey to Brooklyn.

That deal was a disaster for netizens, who eventually emerged from the depths of that deal when they signed Durant and Irving to join young players like LeVert and Allen.

“Oh my God, here we go, Billy King,” Roberts said as co-host Craig Carton revealed the details of the deal. Now there’s nothing left. I just want to cry, it’s terrible. “

Robert’s mood didn’t improve as the group continued.

“Sean Mark, don’t you remember?” Roberts said. “You got this. [situation]Do you not know what this will lead to? You are headed down the road of doom. Harden and Durant may be gone in a year and a half. [with opt-outs] And I’m not sure this gives them a better chance to win trophies… I have a nightmare again. ”

Roberts admitted that at the time of his trade with Boston he “loved” the movement.

This time, Roberts said, “They win better. [They’ve got] Two seasons to win the title [If they do]Taped and used with me But today is a sad day. “

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