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‘What I think’ about the giant body class in 2021

NFL Draft 2021 is now over. For the New York Giants it is one of the most unusual and unexpected figures in years.Let’s check out ‘what I think’ about what the Giants have accomplished and failed in the past three days.

Trader Dave

GM Dave Gettleman has received wide acclaim and praise from colleagues and the press for the Giants’ work on the completed sketch. The first two trades returned in his nine figures as GM, an exchange for greedy players that cost the Giants the only choice they got from one trade back and forth. Adds three options to the highly anticipated 2022 draft, which already exists. The assessor drooled more than the expected level of competence.

Now there is no way of knowing how it worked for the Giants.

Maybe Kadarius Tony is a star. Maybe he̵

7;ll bust, maybe Azeez Ojulari will make everyone except the Giants look stupid that sent him up. Maybe his knees would explode. Maybe the Giants will strike gold in the 2022 draft, maybe they’ll clone it up.

“I think I always do it right. Listen, we’ll know in three years if we’re eligible. And that’s okay It’s the awareness and what the media writes about the players, ”Gettleman said on Saturday evening.“ We put a lot of time into it. We are not doing it for hobbies. But somehow, and in three years we will know if we are right. “

In my view, before we only know one thing, which player selected this year or next will succeed or fail in the NFL, the 2021 draft is the best performance at the Giants. Made in the Gettleman era.

They prepare for Round 1 when the original target player list disappears and trade smartly. That’s a far cry from the fall of Eli Apple in 2016.

They read the board correctly in the second round, swapped eight points, added a third-round pick in 2022, and also got Ojulari, the player they were told to pick at 42.

Aaron Robinson’s move in the third round gave the Giants only the fifth-round pick they received from the Chicago Bears in their first trade.

Obviously, this was a different figure than the Gettleman had before. As a GM, it wasn’t a giant either. The Giants have not made a draft exchange since 2006 when they moved back seven points and picked Mathias Kiwanuka.

All of this begs the question – how much did the judges influence the Giants’ drafting strategy? The New England Patriots, whose judges had not been educated for years, were famous for playing the board. So it was a natural question, and one Gettleman was asked on Saturday.

“I think we have a great collaboration here. It’s not about me It’s not Joe, it’s about the New York Football Giants, ”Gettleman said. We’ve been collaborating since he walked in the door. It’s all about the New York Giants. ”

There are no lines that are offensive?

I’ve been saying for a while that young Giants like Lineman are on their roster, and have higher expectations of them than many outside observers. The fact that they denied six chances to pick a lineman in the 2021 NFL Draft seems to be very indicative.

“Obviously, we have a little more confidence in the offensive characters than you guys,” Gettleman said, “so I would say we’re happy with the group we have. Obviously you are always trying to get better and you are not going to use a player just to compete for a player, you use one player because you think he will improve the value of your team. ”

The Giants could be in Round 1 and opted for Northwestern’s Rashawn Slater or USC’s Alijah Vera-Tucker. They moved down from 11th to 20th and led Toney.

In the second and third round, Gettelman said the Giants had identified the offensive linemen. But they were chosen before the Giants chose to follow. They were able to take the Tennessee guard Trays at any time on Day 3 and didn’t, he ended up being the 226th Kansas City boss. Anyone else could want when it comes to offensive linemen, there are other players that they like and hence there are no new piglets.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be a new player or two on the roster when the season opens five months from now. There is a part of Gettleman’s speech that I haven’t given you yet. It ends like this:

“Now our offensive line is what it is, the players are the identity and we will keep going.”

Catch that? Now It is what it is. That doesn’t mean it will stay like that.

Coach Joe Judge sounded similar.

“I would say that we try to make every position more competitive. But now we are committed to working with the people on our roster and approving each person individually and that will help the unit together, ”he said.

At least it sounds awful, like coaches and GMs who might look at the free agent market to see who might be there, which could shake when the team reevaluates their roster after the draft. Or those who might shake before or during training camp.

There might be someone like Trai Turner, who Gettleman drafted in the third round of the 2014 draft, while Carolina Panthers GM Turner had a bad year for the 2020 Los Angeles Chargers, but he will. Just 28 years old next season and going strong for six years in Carolina.

This is probably not Plan A, and with all the good they have done during this offseason, it doesn’t make a remarkable move to improve offensive ability to be the only area the Giants give themselves a chance. criticize

These nasty young lineman must prove the faith that the Giants show in them. Their success or failure are many.

Looking for a special sauce

It had to warm Judge Joe’s hearts at Arizona native Gary Brightwell, running back the Giants drafted for the sixth round on Saturday, can’t wait to talk about the special squad when he meets with the media via Zoom.

“I’m excited to bring a special team to the pitch. I will bring you a lot of exciting plays. But my priority right now is to get a playbook, an exclusive team attendance, and a dominance. Brightwell said when asked what he would bring to the Giants. That has been my story since high school. I am a special team. “

It was also unable to escape the Giants passing rusher Elerson Smith drafted in the fourth round, using a 6-foot, 61⁄2-inch-wide frame (85th percentile) and a 41-inch vertical jump ( 98th percentile) to block two kicks in the 2019 season.

Special teams are important to the former special team coach judge. The Giants were bad at news coverage or the game back last year. Helping to fix it, at least, must be part of those chosen reasons.

List effect

The Giants doubled in two positions in the body, the back corner and the edge rusher.

In the corner, that might be bad news for players like isaac Yiadom, Sam Beal and perhaps even Madre Harper.

I can’t help but wonder if choosing Oshane Ximines for the third round of 2019 might be in jeopardy. This coaching officer was not part of his qualifying, before the X-man endured the end of the season, he didn’t seem to have the full confidence of this officer. For me, it will be interesting to see if he has a future with the Giants.

At the wide receiver, Toney, Kenny Golladay, Sterling Shepard, Darius Slayton and John Ross are thought to get five points. That leaves people like CJ Board, Dante Pettis, Austin Mack and David Sills V fighting to get stuck.

Four of the six players drafted by the Giants – Kadarius Tony, Aaron Robinson, Elerson Smith, Rodarius Williams – are the ones who leave behind. An indelible impression on the Giants in the senior bowl.

The Senior Bowl has always been an integral part of the Giants’ mystery. But with mobile time being the only chance to get to know this year’s draft, it’s even more important.

Head coach Joe Judge admitted after Cadarius Tony’s choice that he was “very specific” about the type of people he would like to work with. One-on-one meetings are an important part of figuring out who is right for and who isn’t.

“For me it is very important. I don’t like adding someone to our team, nor can I have a clear enough opinion on someone if I don’t have a good enough interaction with them as a person and don’t have a better chance of. Sit down with somebody and watch They watch and ask tough questions and get answers and feel like a person, ”said the judge.“ There are a lot of men at Senior Bowl. We obviously have the ability to express a clear opinion. Honestly, the guy you see on the tape, if you don’t have enough interaction, you might like them as a player, and there’s something missing that you can’t stand on the table and say this guy fits. Our locker This man’s room fits our culture. Therefore, interaction is very important to us. ”

“Kudos” to Senior Bowl Executive Director Jim Nagy and his team for the successful event this year. Thank you Giants drafting board.

Tom Quinn!

Brightwell is a giants, as Tom Quinn, assistant coach of the special team, often despises.

The judge told the story:

A few weeks ago, Tom Quinn and Thomas McGaughey were sitting in the officer’s room on Saturday at around 5:30 in the morning, Tom Quinn brought up his name and we watched his kick and this friend. Is flying down The pitch and it’s early enough that it will wake you up and you’re really excited to watch him, ”the judge said.“ You start to watch more of his offenses and start talking to our scouts who have researched him. Came a lot and talked to Burton (Burns) till the value came back.

“Look, he’s the guy who jumped out of his skill set. You’re always looking for versatility and depth in those positions, running backwards and kicking games. To be honest with you, the chances of me actually chatting with him and spending time with him, even though it’s more than Zoom with Gary, are impressive. He has a big story This friend was fully praised by everyone around him at all levels. He was free at the time and he was the guy that we could put into our roster and compete for the roster and make us a better team. ”

So if and when Brightwell takes off and makes the first team special to play, you can thank Quinn for his keen eye on identifying the under-the-radar opportunities.

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