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What is a vaccine passport? Your Covid-19 travel questions answered.

As with national passports, vaccine passports can allow holders to enter venues such as crowded concerts or abroad that require proof of vaccination in addition to a valid national visa and passport.

A vaccination card from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not the same as a vaccine passport. Although it is a record of what and when a person has received the vaccine. But it can be easily disguised

The vaccine passport is only proof that the person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, it can be in the form of a smartphone app or a written certificate for people without a smartphone.

Some health experts argue that evidence of such vaccination could be a ticket to normal. It can reward people who have been vaccinated by allowing them to go to a crowded concert or ball game, and give them the peace of mind that the person next to them is vaccinated too. Thus helping to make crowded places safer

New York is the first state to issue a digital vaccine passport using IBM̵

7;s Excelsior Pass app that displays a personal QR code to verify vaccine status. The state tested the app at the Brooklyn Nets basketball game and the New York Rangers hockey game last month.

But critics point to concerns about the privacy and overly accessible information of officials.
The Governor of Florida banned.  'Vaccine passport' COVID-19
The governors of Florida and Texas have signed an executive order banning vaccine passports. Last week, Florida Gov. Rondesantis signed an executive order barring any government agency from issuing agencies and businesses from demanding them from clients.

He cited issues of personal freedom and privacy.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott this week signed an injunction prohibiting government agencies from needing vaccines for any service.

“The government should not require Texas to provide evidence of vaccination and disclose personal health information for their daily life,” Abbott said in a video posted on Twitter.

Who Is The Vaccine Passport Issued?

There has been a lot of talk and debate about passports. But hardly anyone issued it – although it’s available in New York to vaccinated residents.

As the Biden’s management sought to reach a standard for vaccine certification. But the federal government will not issue vaccine passports, White House press secretary Jane Psaki said on Tuesday.

“Right now the government is not, and we are not going to support a system that requires Americans to have credentials,” Psaki said in a news briefing. “There will be no federal immunization database and no federal mandate requiring everyone to receive a single vaccination certificate.”

The Vaccination Credential Initiative – a partnership of technology and healthcare companies including Microsoft and the Mayo Clinic – was established to kick off some of the validation processes.
What do the scattered immunization records mean for  'Passport', COVID-19 Immunity

“VCI’s vision is to help individuals obtain an encrypted digital copy of their vaccination credentials to store in their chosen digital wallet,” the group said in a January press release announcing its formation. “People without a smartphone can receive a paper printed with a QR code with a W3C verifiable credentials.”

Like it or not, those who wish to go abroad soon may need a passport, a vaccine to enter certain countries, or they may help them avoid quarantine upon arrival.

Israel has issued a vaccine passport that allows the holder to go to restaurants and gyms.

The UK and EU are considering vaccine passports, according to recent articles in the New England Journal of Medicine and Australia, Denmark and Sweden. “Determined to operate”

“Although the right to travel is the main focus today. But using certain passports to regulate access to social and recreational gatherings, workplaces or schools seems imminent.For example, Israel’s green pass allows entry to restricted places like hotels, gyms. New York’s restaurants, theaters and music venues and ‘Excelsior Pass’ allow entry in theaters, stadiums, venues and large-scale weddings,’ according to the article.

ACLU warns 'things could go wrong' with digital vaccine passport

Pros and cons of the vaccine passport

The pros and cons of needing a vaccine passport are encapsulated by business owners and managers in Florida whose passports are banned.

Rocco Mangel, who owns Rocco’s Tacos and Tequila Bar in Delray Beach, said he had been vaccinated and wanted others to be as well. But must provide his customers with proof of vaccination to enter the restaurant. “Infringing the rights,” he told CNN.

“I think you actually have people who are upset and there will be a perception that we are trying to control them,” Mangel said.

But Judy Lisi, CEO of Straz Center for the Performing Arts in Tampa, Florida, said the governor’s ban could hurt business.

“If you think about mass gathering places, such as the theater and the stadium and the stadium, we are sitting next to each other,” said Lisie. Our artist “

Critics of vaccination certificates cite privacy concerns, Lixie said, but “people are not entitled to be safe, people are not eligible if they are vaccinated, will come in and know that other people are vaccinated. Was it vaccinated? “

CNN’s Randi Kaye contributed to this report.

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