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What is the new ‘dry scooping’ trend and why is it dangerous?

TikTok users are ‘dry scooping’ protein shakes for workouts. which is a powder intended to be consumed and mixed with water which caused them to have a heart attack.

It’s a trend like a black out challenge or a TidePod that can kill anyone trying to do it. Fox News report

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One of the first victims was a woman named Briatney Portillo, who eats a raw protein powder called Total Raw, is lucky for 20-year-old Onlyfans modelShe survived a heart attack after being rushed to the EMT, but she warned an impressed social worker not to follow through on her mistake.

The cause of her heart attack was most likely caused by high levels of caffeine.

“This fad is similar to the ephedrine craze for weight loss that is now banned.”

; Satchit Phusri, cardiologist and founder Upper East Side Heart DiseaseTell Fox News, “The intent behind the dry scoop is to provide a performance-enhancing pre-workout supplement that enters the bloodstream faster than a typical pre-workout drink.”

Protein. These pre-workout products contain caffeine, creatine, taurine, B vitamins, NO2- and branched-chain amino acids. according to men’s health, This means that some effects need to be diluted by drinking milk or water. Instead of swallowing it raw and dry and drinking something afterwards.

“By scooping dry Absorption starts directly through the membranes in your mouth and continues through your esophagus and into your stomach,” Phusri explains. There is no dilution and its rapid entry into your bloodstream results in an immediate release of the supplement. Of these, an incredibly high amount of caffeine that enters the bloodstream very quickly. Like ephedrine, it causes a sudden increase in adrenaline and causes the heart to pound.”

for anyone who has narrowed blood vessels that supply the heart The reduced blood flow from the powder can cause chest pain and wheezing.

“In people who have not been diagnosed with coronary artery disease supply-demand mismatch for oxygen Because the heart wants more and more but due to unknown obstruction So supply does not exist. This results in a heart attack,” Phusri said. “Increased heart rate can also trigger an arrhythmia, which can lead to a stroke.”

“Dry scooping is absolutely useless,” Phusri cautioned. “The other option is the gold standard. physical conditioning If done right with a structured diet and exercise program. Similar results. Moreover, these results have a positive effect on the body and the heart, resulting in a healthier heart. more relaxed cardiovascular system and significantly reduce the risk of heart disease.”

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