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What made this Knicks so hard to swallow?

It hasn’t been a huge loss, which lately comes to more regular clips than at any other point this season. It’s a loss. It’s the way those losses happen. If the Knicks were blown away from the gym night after night, it would be easier to explain.

Everyone gave them 22 pegs victory; They already have 25 people.

Almost everyone believes they are playing the strings now, counting down the draft days to the independent agency to recalibrating the roster. Instead, walked into TD Garden on Wednesday night’s tie against the Celtics, who played in last year’s Eastern Conference finals. That speaks to the Boston fight as much as the Knicks̵

7; surprise. But the rank is the ultimate truth teller

And it’s the final score

This time, the scoreboard tells the story of the Celtics 101, the Knicks 99, another imminent loss in the past 23 days. The Knicks have lost the 76ers by 3 points and 1 point; Enter the net by 5 and multiply 2 as Timberwolves follow 1. Now, the Celtics follow 2. They are 2-8 in games that are judged by three or less.

That’s a wonderful and terrible story.

Julius Randle carried the ball for the Knicks on Wednesday night.
Julius Randle carried the ball for the Knicks on Wednesday night.
NBAE via Getty Images

That is definitely a sign of progress. It’s a sign of how far they have to go.

“Every day we try to build a winning habit,” said Tom Thibodder, perhaps half an hour after the Celtics nudge their game before his East Knicks drop them two games lower. 500 (25-27) for the first time since Feb. 23

“We try to do the right thing and understand what will lead to winning, analyzing and learning, and you want to learn from each game.”

Coaches will never be able to accept this, despite the large serum of truth. But the playoffs are always secondary this year. It’s important to build positive momentum after nearly two decades the train is headed in a different direction.

That has happened. The Knicks played defense every night. They refuse to be intimidated in the night when they surpass the talent point of view, which, despite the statistics and without Boston’s Kemba Walker, is.

The hope is that Julius Randle’s ability will be maximized under Thibodeau; There is no debate about it. There was hope that J. Barrett in his 20s season would have improved, and that turned out to be an even bigger truth and an even bigger surprise, Barrett actually. It is playing itself in the chat as the most improved player in all leagues and that progress is starting to show up every night.

“He came in with the right attitude,” Thibodeau said, “and it started to be worth it.”

All of them are true. It also doesn’t reduce the hassle that adds up when winning games against good teams go the other way. You can be comfortable if you choose from the knowledge that the Knicks are light years ahead, which even optimists believe they will be in the second week of April. It didn’t change the severity of seeing the fourth quarter lead, the seven points evaporate, shouldn’t

And it doesn’t change the fact that closing deals during games like these are part of the progression – and what lags after building credibility and demanding competitiveness. Those elements are there. The last part is figuring out how to turn it off. That trick is still ahead.

“We have to be aware of where we are every night,” Thibodeau said. “Someone is playing for something, fighting for something. Violence will rise very quickly. We have to understand that we have to respond with it. I’m sure we will. “

Barrett said (29 points 6 against 6 out of 3): “Everyone is playing for something, so do we. We have to keep bringing that intensity out.”

Thibodeau’s approach has left its mark – “It’s the NBA,” said his student Barrett, “and we have one more Friday, we have to strive and move on” – and now there is one more obstacle for this issue. Of the Knicks to negotiate Sometimes closing is no longer a goal, closing is

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