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What the Spotify car looks like in the FCC filing with a new design and bigger screen.

Back in May 2019, Spotify announced it would publicly test its voice-controlled smart assistant for cars what the company calls “Car Thing”, but for almost two years we didn’t get much information from the project, though. That will change soon. The car with a completely redesigned and bigger screen appeared in the FCC filing.

This new version of Car Thing appears to work similarly to the 2019 version: “Voice-controlled accessories for the phone / Spotify app with supported displays and buttons”, as described in the “Enable Blue” documentation. Bluetooth for communication with the car head Powered from a 1

2V outlet “still bluntly described.

Although the design is completely different, the new Car Thing looks like a small tablet, with some types of buttons and large buttons. At the top of this post. Compare this image from the version of Spotify announced for 2019:

Spotify’s look at how cars look in 2019
Figure: Spotify

And if you want to see a newer version, we’ve gathered some pictures from the new FCC files in this gallery, as well as some of the devices that are open. Although disappointing, it is difficult to tell anything about the operation of the device from the photos or the software itself.

It’s also unclear if this is a product that people can actually touch. Products hit by the FCC are not necessarily meant to be released to the general public. And we haven’t heard much about the 2019 version of the Car Thing after the initial announcement. (Although it also travels through the FCC)

Spotify did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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