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What will happen that Austin’s public camping ban is reinstated?

AUSTIN (KXAN) – There is still a divide over what will happen next with the homeless population in Austin.

This comes after the public camping ban was restored by voters in Saturday’s election.

Many questions remain, and many are eager to find solutions.

The push for a yes vote on Proposition B to bring camping restrictions back for success. But now some people worry about what will happen next.

Rupal Chaudhari is the owner and CFO of Homewood and the Hampton Inn Suites in Northwest Austin.She was close as city officials made plans for the Candlewood Suites adjacent to her hotel. Austin leaders are working to convert homes into homeless-only homes.


7;m not sure what the plan is right,” Chaudhari said. “I think the city has completely failed to resolve this issue. They think they’ll buy Candlewood, the folks, and the problem will go away? not”

Those camping near downtown UT Austin or other public locations where the city is not designated as a city can face legal trouble now.

Ben Na Kaima, a homeless supporter on the Texas Homeless Network Committee, urges voters not to approve Proposition B. But he just wants people to get off the road.

“I think the key here is urgency… I encourage people to move forward so that they are not just urgent. But only in the council But the key here is the district court commander and making sure that they not only But only transfers money to mental health But also housing as well, “said Nakaima.

Chaudhari wanted a different option that was not related to housing near her front door or the home of her business. So she sued the city to end the purchase of Candlewood’s apartment.

“What is the plan?” Chaudhari asked. [the city] Be responsible for the tax payer … to the community “

The camping ban will not go into effect until May 11, the city has yet to discuss how the new restrictions will be enforced.

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