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‘What year’: Bruce Springsteen returns to Broadway to reopen | Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen returns to Broadway on Saturday night. Reviving the show for an audience featuring members of the E Street Band and the governor of New Jersey.

The singer ended his stay at the St James Theater in December 2018 after 236 performances. He returned when Broadway reopened after a long closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. Most shows will return in September.

On Saturday night, Springsteen was clearly in the mood. He wiped his tears at the end of the show. which combines memory with performance and said that playing during the summer allowed him to spend more time, figuratively speaking, to his late father and other deceased relatives.

Excited to return. Fans cheered Springsteen’s remarks so often he had to tell them to settle down. Afraid the show would last all night, his longtime guitarist Steven Van Sant He received a standing ovation as he sat down in the audience. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and US Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg were also there.

“It’s nice to see everyone here tonight exposed sitting next to each other,” Springstein said. “What year? I’m 71 on this planet and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Viewers must provide proof of vaccination to enter. A number of anti-vaccination protesters complain that Springsteen is promoting separation.

Gina Zabinski, an audience member from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, said it was wonderful to see live music again.

“I’m going to cry,” she said. “I don’t think I’ll miss it as much as I do. I think I’m just imagining it because we’re going to perform all the time.”

Benjamin Smith from Philadelphia Another fan said “I can’t think of a better person to help us get back to normal.”

Springsteen said he and his family were lucky during the pandemic.

“I have a podcast with the President of the United States. [Barack Obama],” he said. “I was handcuffed and put in jail.”

That meant his arrest last November for reckless drunk driving. The charges were dismissed. Because he has a blood alcohol level below the legal limit. and pay a fine for two shots of tequila in an area where alcohol is prohibited

“New Jersey,” he said, “they love me there.”

Even if this case is fodder for jokes. The structure and story of Springstein’s show is similar. If there is a slight improvement until the first time he performed on Broadway.

He eliminated the closer Born to Run, replacing it with I’ll See You in My Dreams. Two songs with his wife, Patti Scialfa, featured a smoldering version of Fire. which was his song that became popular in 1978 for Pointer Sisters.

In an apparent reference to the murder of George Floyd, where former police officer Derek Chauvin was jailed on Friday, Springsteen performed his own song about the police shooting American Skin (41 Shots) standing in the spotlight. blood red light

Springstein said he had never seen American democracy as threatened as it is today. and that frightened him.

“I’m still stubborn,” he said, “I believe we can.”

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