Going back to the previous one, switching to a new phone means you will lose most of your data. Over time, it’s easier to transfer your files, settings and contacts while you remain in the same ecosystem. For example, if you get a new Android phone, your WhatsApp conversations and media will be automatically restored with an online Google Drive backup.However, in case you decide to buy an iPhone, there is no official way to restore it. Chats and Media from Your Android Phone It is reported that WhatsApp is working on fixing this caveat with a native solution that will automatically transfer your chat history across platforms.


7;s not a secret, WhatsApp is working to allow users to chat from different devices using the same number. Although it’s not clear how the feature will be released. But there’s a reason WhatsApp will allow cross-platform backups as well. Whether you’re using multiple devices at the same time or just switching from one device to another, the structure to access and sync your conversations across devices should be harmonious.

This feature is not yet available. But a new leak states that users will be allowed to migrate their chat history from iOS to Android and vice versa. As the screenshot above, the process doesn’t appear to be automatic and may need to be triggered manually to initiate the transfer.

It is important to remember that this feature is not yet implemented, so it may work differently when it is officially released.