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‘When did we lose our pride?’

In a video shared on Instagram, Mo’Nique asked black women to stop wearing helmets, sandals and pajamas at airports and other public areas.

Mo’Nique There’s a message for every “queen” wearing a hat at the airport. But not everyone feels unpleasant advice.

on saturday The comedian and actor shared a video message to black women asking them to stop wearing hats, sandals and pajamas in public.

“It took me a minute to say what I was ready to say. Because I want to make sure I’m not speaking from a place of judgment. And I’m speaking from a place of love,” Mo̵

7;Nique told her one million Instagram followers. “Some of you gave me the title of Auntie. And I’m honored that you guys did that. But there were times when aunt had to talk to the child and talk nonsense.”

Mo'Nique, theGrio.com

Comedian and actor Mo’nique Hicks (Image: Instagram)

The entertainer recalls that as she traveled to Jackson, Mississippi State to attend the concert. She was amazed by the number of “sisters” she wore “a hood, scarf, pajamas and slippers. [and] Cover all over the place” at the airport

“I’ve seen it not just at the airport. I’ve seen it at the store. at the mall…” Mo’Nique said, adding that “When do we lose the pride of showing ourselves? Whenever we get off, let me make sure I’m neat when I leave the house.”

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As she made it clear she wasn’t suggesting that women tend to wear them. When going out in public, she emphasizes, “All I’m saying is can you comb your hair?”

“I’m not saying you don’t have pride. But the representation you show to others has to ask you if you have it or not,” she added. “It’s not looking for a man… it’s just representing you. my dear.”

Mo’Nique tells women to use her message as a “warning” as she vows to step in if she accidentally sees them “on the street, in the airport, in a Walmart, and you have a hat and you have flip-flops. And what the hell do you look like?”

“Aunt Nikki will touch you and say, ‘Hey girl, show me how precious you are. Show her what she deserves.’

Mo’Nique also called for The “smarter sister” joins her in fixing what she sees as a sign of pride.

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“That might be part of helping our community. because if you don’t care How will you be treated?” Mo’Nique said.

Mo'Nique thegrio.com

Mo’Nique attends the BET Hip Hop Awards ’10 at Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center on October 2, 2010 in Atlanta, GA. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

“So when I say hey Queen, I can only speak to the sisters that belong to you. Because many of us are still in the training of the Queen. So if you’re in the Queen’s training Stop being afraid to take your position,” she added. “The Queen doesn’t wear a hat over her head. and put on a headdress, slippers, and pajamas. That’s for the house. when you go out To represent you, my dear.. like you are precious and you deserve the title ‘Hey Queen’.”

Mo’Nique’s videos collect a lot of opinions and opinions. especially those who felt her message was obscure in respectable politics.

“This is a huge disappointment. Imagine a woman who grew up watching you yelling, cursing, grabbing crotch and making terrible jokes just for you to turn around and a policewoman in a hat,” one long commented.

“How is it that you can’t call women queens based on how they dress? But you expect the company to pay you fairly, ignoring some of your actions onstage and in public … with everything that happens in the world. You choose a particular policewoman of color. [sic] Black women for public comfort And you call this the queen?

She added, “I am a little confused why so many people have stopped following you over the years. but now i understand This is extremely anti-black. hate women and ignore If you know better, do better. I can’t believe that the same woman who has done nothing but the embarrassingly thin woman. Talk about d*ck and there’s a whole series devoted to harassing black men, having the guts to police another black woman for proper behavior.”

Mo'Nique theGrio.com

Comedian Mo’Nique performs at the Beacon Theater on June 28, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Another critic, who actually agreed with her, accused Mo’Nique of hypocrisy for wearing a bathrobe in her video message.

Despite numerous comments scolding the Oscar-winning actress for her comments. But there were many others who applauded her for this.

“You’re right! I’m sure some of this view is age,” said one of her followers. “It doesn’t look cute. No, you don’t need to dress up for the airport. I’m sure not But I don’t look so bad that I hope no one will see me. And I look good enough to have someone see me. Even if they didn’t like what I was wearing or didn’t like my look. They know I’m an agent. I am our agent And I’m doing well.”

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