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When WandaVision arrives, Marvel Studios are about to enter a never-ending cycle.

If Marvel Studios had a guide, people would be getting a new show in the Marvel Cinematic Universe almost every week.

It all started with Wanda VisionMarvel’s nine new episodes, which follow Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff and Vision of Paul Bettany living in a ridiculous suburb in another universe, kick off on Jan. 15, two episodes will air the first with every new episode. Week for the rest of the season Just two weeks later Wanda Vision Over The Hawk and the Winter Soldier will Arrived. Three weeks had arrived. Black widow Released in the cinema (Unless again delayed) and Loki Enter Disney Plus on time. Loki It̵

7;s over Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

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Before Disney Plus was released, Marvel studios worked on just one movie. The television show falls under a separate Marvel Entertainment division. This includes the Netflix series (Reckless Jessica Jones Luke Cage) Shown on Hulu (escape) And ABC names like Agent Carter and Representative of SHIELDIt’s what keeps the Marvel Cinematic Universe separate from the rest, even if those events were cited when Disney Plus came in, everything changed. Disney needed a new Marvel show to attract followers and keep (like Mandalorian Had done) .Jeph Loeb, the former Marvel TV head, was effectively ejected as everything went under Marvel Studios head and MCU architect Kevin Feige.

Under the expanding Feige MCU, shows and movies will intertwine with each other. Wanda Vision There will be characters from Thor Ant-Man and Captain marvel And will be connected to Doctor Strange in Multiverse of MadnessAs a former Disney executive told The Verge Where viewers don’t have to watch every movie or show to keep up, this strategy is designed like a cartoon – referring to events that take place elsewhere that fans might want to watch to understand the full context.

Depending on how people think about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having a new Marvel thing each week can be a blessing or a curse. The question is, when did it get over saturation? Some may feel that we have reached that point. While studios and networks are creating more movies and TV shows than ever before. There are some things that dominate the box office and conversation, such as Disney properties, particularly Marvel and Star warsBringing a never-ending Marvel TV series on three or four movies a year might tell the world the fatigue of the entire franchise.

Unless not Franchise fatigue is a popular phrase thrown away. But in the end there are flaws Superhero movies are still the most successful at the box office, driving people into theaters at a time when the average U.S. audience gets fewer movies per year. In China, Marvel movies are still the best-performing movies made by a US studio, and the Chinese box office is the second-largest box office population. This doesn’t mean Marvel movies are the only end of every movie. (Far from this), but mainstream audiences don’t get tired of them before. Infinity war and Game over, Items like panther and Captain marvel Driving the greatest success of the MCU and being a new character within the MCU, not Captain America, the audience’s needs didn’t go away.

Marvel Studios and Disney’s immediate concern is not franchise fatigue. But is trust to think about Star warsExcept Solo, Each Star wars Movies released in the past five years do exceptionally well. But the critical review of the film damaged the controversial people. Force awakens Is just a new generation of New hope, The rise of the Skywalker Being stoked continuously The last jedi Located at the center of an ongoing debate and Solo It feels like two movies put together into one messy story.

The productions were disturbed by the director and the writer fired by Disney hurried to leave. Star wars Shoot each story a year, leaving room for proper rewriting. Disney content has continually lost the trust of fans in its ability to do good. Star wars Movies, or, as Matthew Ball, analyst and venture capitalist, said it was “The disappointment that happened.” Disney tried to rush everything. It seems there are no 10-year plans for Star warsMarvel Studios’ greatest asset, Feige, was able to model the universe. It’s not quality over quantity – they continue to make more MCU movies every year, but volumes without losing their comprehensive story threads.

ironically Star wars It also points out how having more Marvel can still work. Rogue One Before that Mandalorian Successes because they are familiar But stand up on yourself Apparently Star warsAnd has sufficient important references Star wars Numbers and moments when a superfan can dig into important matters. However, it’s still new and unique, however, so as not to feel like it’s a rushed show in a universe that has made Disney a lot MandalorianThe creators of Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni got time to figure it out.

By all accounts Wanda Vision In the same boat The characters are familiar But the show is unlike anything else in the MCU, which hopefully feels totally refreshing. Maintaining people’s trust and avoiding the frustrations it causes is giving streaming opportunities. Should support the experiment If it works, chances of success and constant profitability have no ceiling.

If not, the streaming service is more forgiving, where people pay monthly for new content in addition to their favorite movies and TV shows. Unlike paying $ 10 or more for movie tickets or losing tens of millions of dollars for Disney, book a safe bet on a compelling big movie that’s more than the return on investment and original marketing campaigns. Try the Disney Plus people are looking for. Something To fill the appetite

The main streaming mistake is to think about it because there is a monthly demand from subscribers for which speed is of the essence. Consistency is But consistency also means quality and originality, especially with features like Marvel and Star warsThe stakes are higher. There’s a great role model, a scary role model, and a hungry fan base that will only accept movies or TV shows with long sub-pars.

The good news is, Marvel Studios just has to keep doing what it already does.Feige – the architect who designed the Marvel storyline for more than a decade, figured out how to make the gigantic universe feel tangible and new – now responsible for the creation. Ensuring that it gets the same level of attention as the Disney Plus world, we are constantly entering a time when new Marvel Studios content is released. It sounds tiring – but it doesn’t have to be.

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