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When will we stop wearing masks? What health experts predict

As we draw closer to the year of the COVID-19 epidemic and more Americans are vaccinated, many begin to wonder how long we will have to wear masks in public.

Some states, including Montana, Iowa, North Dakota, Mississippi and Texas, recently announced an end to mask enforcement.

But not wearing a mask right now is “a very bad idea, especially with the spread of different species,” said Richard Watkins, MD, infectious disease physician and professor of internal medicine at North Ohio Medical University.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still recommends that people over the age of 2 to wear masks in public places outside their families, which begs the question: When can we really stop wearing masks? And will it become the new normal during cold and flu season? This is what infectious disease experts know so far.

When can we safely stop wearing masks?


7;s hard to say, because the end of regular masking is linked to ending the epidemic. Said Watkins. But, he adds, “If and once we achieve herd immunity, regular wearing masks can be canceled” (Immunity means the majority of the population is immune to infectious diseases, providing indirect protection to those who are not. Immunity to disease, such as newborns or people who are at risk of not being vaccinated because of the health risk)

Anthony Fauci, director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told CNN that health officials recently “possible” to continue to introduce masks in 2022. However, he said life should look normal. More and more at that time, “We will have a level of normalcy over the terrible burden we all went through in the last year.”

Doctors agree to recommend the use of a mask for some time. “Prevention of infection is still the only best way to reduce disease and mortality, and the best prevention comes from wearing a mask and getting away from the road. Society, ”said Lewis Nelson, chief of emergency medicine at Rutgers New Jersey School of Medicine.“ Until we have better information on the development of the virus strain and the effectiveness of current or future vaccines, we have to wear masks. Health in many interactions between individuals “

Infectious disease expert Amesh A. Adalja said it is likely that some sort of advice would be made until there was a “sufficient reduction in the spread of the virus in the community.” A senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security said, “it might be late 2021 as more people have access to the vaccine.”

Even if you’ve been fully vaccinated, the CDC still recommends that you continue to wear a mask in public places, as it is unclear if people who are vaccinated can still transmit COVID-19 to others who are not. Can I get the vaccine?

As for the actual enforcement documents, “this will be state-to-state,” said Dr Adalja, but as the spread of COVID-19 decreases in some areas, the cover may eventually disappear, he noted.

Would a face mask be recommended after an outbreak of COVID-19?

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It’s especially possible, since masks have been proven to prevent infection. Flu season is hardly absent this year – data from the CDC found just 1,500 people with the flu have been medically diagnosed since September. That’s a huge reduction compared to last year’s flu season, which had an estimated 56 million people.

As a result, experts say masks can be powerful – at least during cold and flu weather. “Masks were common in Asia before COVID, so I expect people in the United States to wear them very comfortable. It happened after the epidemic, ”said Dr. Watkins.

Dr. Adalja points out that it is advisable that people always wear masks if they have a respiratory virus even before an outbreak. “This will not change. But there will be more people to follow, ”he said.

And some people may continue to wear masks in public places, such as crowded areas and in public transport, just because they’ve seen a mask can help prevent illness. Said Adam.

For now, doctors say keep it hidden until health workers give Americans the green light to go out without anyone.

This article is accurate as of press time. However, as the COVID-19 epidemic develops rapidly and the scientific community’s understanding of the new coronavirus has developed, some of the information may change as it is last updated. While we strive to keep all our stories up to date, visit the online resources provided by CDC, WHO, And you Local health departments To receive the latest news Always talk to your doctor for a professional medical advice.

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