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Where the Panthers stand behind the record binding draft class.

When the draft was finished, head coach Matt Rhule spoke of having faith to trust the board. He also trusted his own two eyes.

Of the seven options they made on Saturday, four they coached at the Senior Bowl and one. (Running round four back Chuba Hubbard) who had an important day against Rhule’s Baylor two years ago.

But for the most part, they still stick to the process that Rhule frequently talks about.

Rhule admitted that if they had not traded from their first pick on Saturday̵

7;s 109th overall, they would have to seize Hubbard anyway, making decisions and trading back – risking losing players before they made their pick. Again, 126 – it’s not something you do if you’re not committed to a specific blueprint.

They are also followed by the first pick of the weekend.

General manager Scott Fitterer made it clear before the draft he wanted to add numbers to the roster and if the right trade offer arrived on Thursday night they are likely to move back from point eight.

But they take a look around them and take a look at their own assessments and choose the players they want instead of the ones that are easier to sell.

Cornerback Jaycee Horn is the Cover type player you must have if you’re going to compete with Julio Jones or Michael Thomas or Mike Evans. Horn is also the type of player they don’t have. If you are going to endure the pain of the top 10 selected seasons, you have to come out with the players who are the cornerstone. They believe that the horn is one.

Many have questioned the decision not to take on Justin Field, and drafting a first-round quarterback is the easiest way to get forgiveness from the fan base – at least a year or two.

But instead of showing Sam Darnold moot, they did things his previous team had never done before.

In addition to using the first horn, the Panther’s draft class is Darnold’s iconic hug, acknowledging that in order to make this work, they need to protect their defenders. And give them various parts to work

They had a very good starting receiver pair in DJ Moore and Robby Anderson, but knowing Anderson in the final year of their contract, they brought in Terrace Marshall Jr. and Shi Smith for the weekend. By adding goals that can be cultivated and integrated into the offense There’s also a Tommy Tremble at the end of the third round, which can be both a defense and a goal.

They are also aware of the need to protect Darnold, which is why they invested in dealing with Brady Christensen and defending Deonte Brown. Whether Kristensen could still be a left-handed fighter he was in college. (They have not been named yet), but the panther breed needs both youth and quantity.

The Panthers didn’t solve every problem on the roster over the weekend. They can’t have No team can do it There is still some uncertainty in the offensive line and in the semi-finals and they may not have the top talent to compete in the Super Bowl right now.

But by being honest with themselves, knowing where they are and taking purposeful strides in a specific direction, they may move closer to their goals.

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