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White House announces sanctions for intercepting Belarusian passenger planes

The White House on Friday said the State Department had issued a Level 4 travel ban warning to U.S. citizens. Calling not to travel to Belarus, the FAA also warned US passenger carriers. “Take extreme caution when considering flying in Belarusian airspace.”

The United States will resume sanctions on nine Belarusian enterprises, the statement said, the White House said. They are coordinating with the European Union and other partners. to develop sanctions against Lukashenka and members of his regime. “related to ongoing human rights violations and corruption. Forgery of the 2020 election and the events of May 23 ”

“We call on Lukashenka to allow a credible international investigation into the events of May 23, the immediate release of all political prisoners. and enter into comprehensive and genuine political dialogue with the leaders of democratic opposition groups and civil society leading to the action of Free and fair presidential elections under the auspices and monitoring of OSCE,” the White House said.

Foreign Minister Antony Blinken previously condemned Belarus̵

7;s actions.

“This shocking action,” Blinken said on Sunday. “Actions by the Lukashenka regime have put the lives of more than 120 passengers in danger. Including US citizens, preliminary reports pointed to the involvement of Belarusian security forces and the use of Belarusian military aircraft to escort them. It is a serious concern and needs a full investigation.”

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