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White House reporters hailed at a press conference as Biden waited longer than his predecessor.

There are a number of ways to measure the accessibility of an American president. One way is to count the press release. Now, by that number, President Biden was invisible.

CNN White House reporter Kevin Liptak shared the memo with colleagues on Wednesday: “As we look forward to when President Biden will hold his first solo press conference, analysis of the past 100 years shows. Saw that he was behind his last 15, all of Hold a standalone press conference within 33 days of taking office. ”Liptak surveillance through this university database to verify information.

Thursday will be the 43rd day of Biden’s tenure, “although he has asked reporters a few times, including during the spray and a more formal Q&A session after the January event. But he hasn̵

7;t held any official press conferences, ”Liptak said,“ which includes a single press conference or a 2 + 2 press conference during two virtual ‘bilateral’ meetings with leaders of Canada and Mexico. ”

So what are Biden waiting for? The message of the COVID relief bill may be, NYT’s Katie Rogers spoke up when I asked about the drought at a press conference on Sunday. “Trustworthy source”

After the broadcast, I heard from a few viewers saying that the press team should be more patient with Biden as Trump has treated the media so disgusting. It’s true that Trump proves the limit of accessibility, as Q&A is so often almost useless when the answer is a lie. But Trump isn’t the only benchmark for Biden, that’s why I appreciate Liptak’s look back at times, which shows Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, Harry Truman and Herbert Hoover are just a handful after taking the oath. …

WH response

On Wednesday night, I asked White House Secretary Jen Psaki if she had responded to the cries of POTUS reporters. Psaki replied: “We look forward to holding a full official press conference. But in the meantime, the president will regularly ask questions from reporters in the White House, including this morning, and his big day of the day is an epidemic under Take control and direct people back to work, that’s what people choose for them to do. ”

In my view, journalists have the right to push for more Q&A access, and they shouldn’t let go of the pressure.Biden should use his press conference settings to tell the public about what he’s doing …

Tucker’s gross distortion

This is a classic example of how Fox’s Tucker Carlson takes the right thing and turns it into a BS explanation.The question about when Biden will have a full press release is right – but on Wednesday night. In the past, Carlson went further and said Biden “refused to speak directly to the media”. Strangely, since Fox’s White House reporter Peter Doocy repeatedly responded to Biden this winter, that was not “a problem”. Quiet. ”Carlson then mocked Biden’s public speaking and said he didn’t want to see the press at all:” It’s one thing to know your country is being led by men with downward thinking. It’s one more thing to see and we don’t want to see it. ”

For record

– “Biden has a 51% approval rating in the Monmouth U poll released on Wednesday,” down slightly from 54% in late January … (Fox)
– One of the biggest things on Wednesday: “Biden has agreed to a compromise with moderate Democrats to limit income rights for the next round of stimulus checks of $ 1,400 …
– Trump Admin “Citing the number of leaks classified for a total criminal investigation of at least 334”, according to a newly discovered DOJ … (The Intercept).
– FROM CNN’s Fact Checking Team: “In a comment article published Wednesday, former Vice President Mike Pence has done something he used to do in the workplace: echo the lies” from Trump “in a complicated way. A little more … “(CNN)

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