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Who are the 6 family members killed in Allen’s murder-suicide case? Friends share insights

The Towhid family and friends were mourning the loss of six family members.

ALLEN, Texas – Towhid’s family and friends are mourning the loss of six family members.

Around 1am on Monday, Allen police were called to the home during the 1500 block of Pine Bluff Drive.A family friend called the police that someone in the house committed suicide.

Police came to check on welfare, where six bodies were found.Officials said the brothers made a suicide agreement to kill their families and take their own lives.

Friends share memories about Towhids.

Iren Islam, known by her friends as Nila, is a 56-year-old mother.


7;ll miss her, we’ll miss her smile,” said friend Tania Hossain.

She said Nila met her on Tuesday to pray. Nila and her husband are part of the Allen Islamic Society.

Her husband’s name is Tohidul Islam. His friends know him as Sam, he is 54 years old and is active in the Bangladesh Association of North Texas.

“They were very attentive, very friendly, like there was not a single bad thing I could say about them,” said Faisarahman, another family friend.

Altafun Nessa is another victim. She is the 77-year-old grandmother, friends say that Altafun originally had a flight to return to her home in Bangladesh on Friday. But it was canceled because the COVID-19 soared there.

Farbin Towhid is a 19-year-old sister. Friends describe her as a lovely person who has no bad bones on her body. She went to New York University to follow her passion for design and animation.

Farhan Towhid is Farbin’s twins and he is one of the siblings who pulled the trigger. He is a computer programmer and has recently had a hard time studying. Farrhan left a long suicide note on coping with depression.

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Farhan’s friend Angelina Biswas said, “We always do our best as his friends to be there for him. But there is only one thing you can do. ”

She said she never expected him to do something like this. She explained that Farrhan was a very reasonable person who made decisions in life according to the list of pros and cons. She also said he looked at his brother.

Tanvir Towhid, 21, was the brother of a suicide plot, according to records left by Farhan.Friends said he was also depressed. But they say he’s smart and great in his own way.

“The memory of this family we should be served,” Imam Abdul Rahman Bashir told the Islamic Society of Allen. “Recognizes the importance of being there for our family members, for our children, because whoever you know is crying for help doesn’t hear every call.”

The candlelit vigil is being held by family, friends, family and the Allen Islamic Society.

The family say WFAA’s funeral will be held at the Allen Islamic Society on Thursday, April 8.

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