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Who is Daniel Jeremiah on a project with the Dolphins in the latest 2021 model?

Whenever NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah has to say something related to NFL Draft, you should be listening. And Jeremiah spoke yesterday at this year’s Round 1, breaking out his latest 2021 mockup to explore what the Miami Dolphins and the rest of the league can do at the end of this month. Jeremiah’s model has four defenders in the first four; A development that certainly helps the cause of dolphins in the treatment of the in-flight pass catcher in this situation.

But with choices, the chances of making right (or wrong) decisions arise.What did Jeremiah do for the dolphins? Here are both of his options for Miami in the first round of his latest 2021


6th Overall – WR Ja’Marr Chase, LSU Tigers

“Miami moved back up after dropping to 12th, wisely thinking they would be able to land Pitts or Chase with a sixth choice” – Daniel Jeremiah, NFL.com.

18th Overall – DE Gregory Rousseau, Miami Hurricanes

“Rousseau is strained in a pro workout today, involving some teams. That said, look at his combination of size, length and production. Additionally, his impressive 10-yard break time (1.57 seconds) will weigh heavily on the assessment. ”- Daniel Jeremiah, NFL.com

With Florida TE Kyle Pitts off the board at No. 5 in front of the Dolphins, the Dolphins’ first choice came down to Chase, or perhaps dealt with Penei Sewell, but with Miami’s investment in the offensive line in 2020 and the depth of This year’s offensive class, Jeremiah, was inspired to offer Dolphins Chase. The LSU product is the same ride that predicted Dolphins at No. 3 overall as well.

Rousseau is quite a surprise.As Jeremiah noted, Rousseau’s Pro Day numbers are a bit overwhelming after not playing in 2020, but there is little doubt that this long-range transmitter fits the dolphins through the rusher format and will fit well.

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