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WHO says vaccinated people should wear masks, but CDC doesn’t, here’s why


The World Health Organization says even people who are fully vaccinated should wear a mask.

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For the latest news and information about the coronavirus pandemic Please visit the WHO and CDC websites.

The World Health Organization has officially recommended that people who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus should continue to wear masks to control the spread of the virus. This includes dangerous new species. The advice, announced Friday, is in response to the rising number of coronavirus cases worldwide. This was driven by the first identified delta variable in India. And has become a dominant breed in many countries around the world. including the UK, South Africa and Malaysia.

Covid-19 infected people The increase continues again, and only 10.7% of the world is fully vaccinated. WHO recommendations contradict recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The global agency for infectious diseases that has been criticized during the pandemic. The CDC website currently recommends that people who are fully vaccinated can stop wearing masks. And groups of people can gather, for example at home or at a concert. Here’s what we know about the WHO’s advice on masks.

Why does WHO say people who are vaccinated should wear masks?

Dr. Mariângela Batista Galvão Simão, WHO’s Assistant Director-General, said during a press conference on June 25 that wearing face masks remains an ongoing priority. even with people who have been vaccinated “People feel insecure just because they are given 2 doses. They still feel safe. You have to protect yourself.”

Wearing a mask in public is essential to saving people from inhaling the particles that will make them sick, says American infectious disease epidemiologist Dr. Maria Van Kerkov. said during the same briefing.

While the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are showing strong protection against variants An “invasive” infection may still occur from time to time. in june A woman who is fully vaccinated in Napa, Calif. Died from corona virus She is over 65 and is reported to have underlying disease.

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What does the CDC say?

The CDC’s current recommendations on wearing masks remain the same for people who are fully vaccinated. The guidelines stated that Those who are fully vaccinated can “Do activities without masks or social distancing” unless necessary, such as airplanes and businesses.

The CDC warned CNN on Saturday that There is still a small chance that a fully vaccinated person will be infected with the new strain if they come in contact with it.

We have asked the CDC to comment.

Why are delta variables important?

The delta variant is a new strain of the new coronavirus. and is the most contagious among the species identified so far. According to the World Health Organization The organization stated during a press release that the delta variant has been identified in 85 countries and is spreading among the unvaccinated population.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases It said during a White House press conference on June 22 that “delta variables pose the greatest threat in the United States to our efforts to eradicate COVID-19.”


Some countries are returning to lockdown to curb the spread.

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Will the mask mandate and lockdown be restored?

Some countries have already begun to tighten restrictions on COVID-19. For example, four cities across Australia have resumed lockdown. This includes Sydney’s New South Wales state. in the United States Los Angeles County strongly recommends wearing masks indoors. whether someone has been vaccinated or not. Although most places do not require a mask. Some African and Asian countries such as South Africa and Malaysia has moved into lockdown due to delta spread

Some places have never eased mask regulations, such as airports and airlines. in the United States Other public transport facilities Masks are required, such as buses and trains.

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