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Who’s ‘Big Lie’? Trump’s announcement of a new GOP litmus test

WASHINGTON (AP) – Donald Trump and his supporters are stepping up efforts to humiliate them and potentially remove members of their party who are seen disloyal to the former president and false claims of “unfaithfulness”. Election last year was stolen from him.

At Capitol Hill, Wyoming’s third Republican Representative Liz Cheney in the House risks losing her leadership position amid a growing public conflict with Trump in the United States. Utah Sen.Mitt Romney, Trump’s staunch antagonist in the GOP, faced outrage over the weekend that warned crowds who cheered he was once a standard bearer of the president. And in Texas, the lone anti-Trump Republican openly against Trump in a special, crowded election for a congressional seat finished 9th.

Trump left office nearly four months ago, with his reputation severely damaged after a group of his supporters fought a deadly riot at the US Capitol to prevent the endorsement of the election results. But recent developments point to a revival of his political destiny, which those who refuse to go along with his falsehoods find themselves defenseless.


7;s scary,” said Michael Wood, a Republican candidate for Texas, who used a pledge to push the GOP through “personality cult” that is Trump. In the end, he received just 3 percent of the vote in Saturday’s special election, while two Trump supporters, including the one he endorsed, will advance to the runoff.

Trump’s grip on the party could be tightened in the coming days.

In addition to the chaotic press release, his powerful Facebook account could be reinstated this week if a semi-independent regulatory committee rules out in his favor. Meanwhile, Republicans in Virginia will decide whether to nominate vocal Trump supporters to serve as governor in just a few of the marquee elections on the calendar this year.

A key sign of the party’s direction could be on Capitol Hill, where Cheney’s future was in trouble.

The Wyoming Congressman, the most senior Republican member to call for impeachment Trump has insisted the party must reject the former president’s lie that the election had been stolen. There is no evidence to support Trump’s allegations of mass voter fraud and massive scrutiny.Republican state officials and Trump attorney general say the election is fair.

But Trump stuck with his story and issued an “announcement” on Monday, trying to work together to choose the language the enemy used to stigmatize his lie.

“The 2020 fraudulent presidential election will take place today, known as THE BIG LIE!” He wrote.

Cheney, who didn’t get rid of 2024, ran back himself.

“The 2020 presidential election was not stolen. Anyone who claims it is spreading great lies, turns against the rule of law and poisoning our democracy, ”she tweeted.

She apparently did not intend to reverse her criticism, although she faced the possibility of losing her leadership position.

Cheney survived an earlier attempt to drive her out of the lead. But this time it might be different. GOP leader Kevin McCarthy stood by her earlier this year. But he refuses to protect her from the latest round of attacks as he faces a series of conservatives who have been silent for her to be eliminated. That’s a sign of McCarthy’s calculations as he tries to stay close to Trump while trying to widen his tent to help his party win the general election.

While the Republican voices supporting Trump on Capitol Hill outnumber his party critics. But the governor should not be fired.

In total, 10 Republicans in the House voted to impeach Trump, who inspired the Jan. 6 attack on Congress, and seven Republicans in the Senate voted for conviction. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Votes Out of Trump Instead, openly blamed the former president and encouraged the party to move forward.

It’s a different calculation for members, ranks, and files of Congress, especially those representing Republicans, who typically about 8 out of 10 party supporters agree with Trump. Among party activists and voters, that base number would have been much higher.

It’s too early to draw a solid conclusion on Trump’s success this year. Some Republican strategists have personally suggested there are real signs that the former president’s strength with voters, ranks and files and elected officials has started to fade.

“He became less involved with each passing day. But among those who still listened to him, he was more involved than ever, ”said veteran Republican explorer Frank Luntz. He will be important for months or years. But over time, he will become less and less important. ”

Now this former reality TV celebrity seems to enjoy the ride.

“It was great to see RINO Mitt Romney shout out the stage at the Republican Utah convention,” Trump praised Texas’ work and criticism of Cheney and Romney “RINO” means “Republican Party in Name Only”.

In Utah over the weekend, a handful of Republicans hailed Romney before attempting unsuccessfully to blame him for supporting Trump’s impeachment.

“Show respect” the crowd was blamed by the party leader. Romney warned them that he was a lifelong conservative and was nominated for president in 2012 and said Republicans would only hurt themselves by attacking each other.

“If we divide the party, we will be the loser,” he said.

In Texas, the loss of a 34-year-old former Marine Corps candidate Wood and two-term recipient of Purple Heart has pledged to a number of prominent anti-Trump Republicans, including Rep. Adam. Kinsinger R. – Illinois, former Arizona Zen. Former Ohio Gov. Jeff Flake, John Kasich and Cheney, who donated money to Wood’s campaign and provided moral support.

He said on Monday there was a real urgency for Republicans against Trump to reunite with him.

“This is not just the person who pushes back. We have to organize and show the public that you can be a good Republican and not have to buy in all of these BS, ”says Wood.“ This fight is not going to be won with podcasts and op programs. -eds ”

Top Republican strategist Mike DuHaime said the party continued to fight against identity behind Trump. But it could be argued that it would be in a better position in the future if it included conservatives like Cheney and Romney.

“There are people playing for the constituency base who are very passionate and believe that big lies about the election. And it is enough to win elections primarily for Congress, the Senate or the governor or even the president. ”But he cautioned,“ If we focus on that alone, general elections will not be successful enough. Will overcome the majority “

“At some point we had to put this behind if we wanted to be successful in the general election.”


There is a public report from New York, Associated Press writer Lisa Mascaro contributed to this report.

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