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Who’s Buying the ‘Darth Vader House’ in the West U? maybe 50 cents

When Dr. Jean Cukier was ready to build his dream home in West University Place, he sat down with a pencil and paper and drew himself. He was cast in the Star Wars blockbuster and wanted his home to look as grand as the worst man on the show: “Star Wars” Darth Vader.

Nadia Carron, who along with Wade Knight is a co-representative on Martha Turner Sotheby’s international real estate listing that has been on the market for a day, said the house bears a striking resemblance to Darth Vader’s hat and that the nickname “Darth Vader House” is no coincidence.

Real estate agents took a look at the property on day one, and there are a few private displays for potential buyers, including rapper 50 Cent – ​​Curtis James Jackson III – who has shown interest in the home since moving. Most recently, Houston followed Carron.

The home is valued at $4.3 million, that̵

7;s $610.80 per square foot, according to Harris County Appraisal District records. The home was built in 1992 and is 7,040 square feet. It includes four bedrooms and five bathrooms (just FYI: tax bills). assets are estimated at $64,000 per year).

Cukier’s children are all grown up and alone. And the house is too much for a single person to roam about, Carron says, so plastic surgeon Cukier is downsizing the house.

The house called “Darth Vader House” on the corner of University Boulevard and Buffalo Speedway has never been to the house and has never been photographed. At least not without permission from the owner. So online listings and upcoming screenings will be the first time someone other than Cukier and his friends and family have seen inside an unusual home.

“He likes to watch movies. That was his inspiration,” Carron said of the “Star Wars” series. “He sat down and drew on paper how he wanted the house to look inside and out. and working with architects to do so. What you see is his child and his designs inside and outside the house. He made his dreams come true.”

The house is located on a corner plot, so the helmet’s “nose” is pointed at the corner. The roof is slightly angled and flat on top. And the short stone wall is angled as well. The Clerestory window, when the light is on. to look like the eyes of the house

Although the side view of the house looks majestic But the backyard is attractive. It was filled with large windows looking out onto the courtyard behind the house.

The interior is as unconventional as the exterior of the house. The rough floor is black and white, creating a strange shape. A chic staircase leading to a sunken living room. raw edge on stone countertop and many rooms with angular walls.

“Definitely not the norm in West U where you see more traditional and classic modern homes. This is not completely normal and he was very well received by the city when he was approved for the permit,” Carron said.


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