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Why are some Republicans at a disadvantage as Democrats accuse Trump?

The results are predetermined. The Republican response was not.

While the House spends the day on the keynote, everyone knows Nancy Pelosi has the vote to impeach Donald Trump – rest assured he will be in the history books as the only president who must. Experiencing that fate twice

But the question remains as to how many GOP lawmakers would follow the lead of Liz Cheney, the third Republican, who broke up with her party so strongly that the prosecution was rattled about ” “Betrayal” of Trump in his office.

That could be personal – her father, Dick Cheney, called her to the cloakroom to say Trump had assaulted her in a pre-riot rally speech ̵

1; and on the part of the conscience.

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer referred to Cheney over and over again in his closing comments.

In 232-197 votes, 10 Republicans joined all Democrats in support of the impeachment. That was just a tiny fraction, although perhaps twice what would have been without Cheney’s flaw, it made the action a second-party flavor.

The other big surprise of the day: minority leader Kevin McCarthy holding Trump held accountable even as he argued for a solution to the blame instead. “The president is responsible for Wednesday’s attacks against Congress by rioters,” he said on the floor. “He should condemn the mob immediately upon seeing what is unfolded.”

McCarthy has come under intense pressure from party members dissatisfied with handling the aftermath of the attacks. Clearly, some Republicans are lacking between supporting the president and showing voters that they want the responsibility for violently invading people’s homes.

And it’s also Mitch McConnell’s maneuver that continues with Washington’s spin. On Tuesday, his team leaked to the New York Times, Fox News and other outlets where he believed Trump committed irreparable offenses and was pleased the council was moving on. Then CBS reported yesterday, citing The Republican leader said he supported the impeachment. But it will not comment until the council formally delivers the allegations.

Trump’s concussion could have come after he was gone.

Senators have to deal with the smoke, McConnell released a statement. “While the media is full of speculation. But I have not made a final decision on how I will vote, and I intend to hear the legal arguments when they are presented to the Senate. ”He must have said that or have been accused of bias the evidence.

If McConnell accepts the impeachment, it will eventually raise the possibility – the first time 17 GOP senators can vote for a conviction against Trump. It would be a much easier vote if the Republican leader, blaming the president for losing a majority, was on board.

This is the reason I am still wondering. Trump remains immensely popular with ranks and files, and the senators who vote to decide whether he will split his or her base and potentially face the main challenges backed by the former president. Nathibodee I also don’t believe McConnell would whip up the vote – meaning he would let his colleagues go to vote on the conscience, rather than pressure them to hold onto the lead.

Looking at yesterday’s council debate, it was remarkable how many members spoke of their personal reaction to the uprising, some saying they feared their lives. Those fears are especially true from what we have learned about the organized nature of the siege and the intent to kill.

A Democrat spoke of Trump inciting violence.Missouri’s Cori Bush called him One Republican called the other an unprecedented “hypocrisy”, as laid down by Ronnie Jackson of Texas, and the attempted revenge.

Each party accused the other of shattering political unity. Republicans said Democrats opposed the results of the George W. Bush and Trump college elections. Democrats said these were symbolic protests long after John Kerry and Hillary Clinton accepted.

Outside, photos show the National Guard, supposedly there last week, asleep on the marble floor, a reminder that City Hall is still at war.

Democrats have shown their urgent work – no heed, no ability to fix Trump-charged articles with provocation – saying Trump demonstrated. An obvious and present danger that he must be removed from his post as soon as possible.

But the arguments were curtailed due to the fact that the Senate trial would not be completed until Trump’s termination and continued confusion as to when Democrats would submit the case. To the upper room


Aside from the political tide, it seems strange to convict the former president, who would later return to Mar-a-Lago (McConnell’s office said there would be no trials until it was launched).

Usually, Democrats want to collect a follow-up vote, which will prevent him from coming back to work at the age of 78 four years from now.The downside to the Dems is that all of this will distract and overshadow. The Biden administration brought in by Covid-19 kills as many as 4,400 Americans a day.

Meanwhile, Trump, who doesn’t use Twitter, made a statement in an old-fashioned way – emailed to the press and video footage made by White House aides. He said at the opening, “Based on more reports of marches, I urge no violence, no violations of the law and any destruction. That’s not what I stand for and not what America means.”

That’s a more positive message than Trump’s “witch hunt” just one day earlier.

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