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Why do fans suddenly have to flog the players?

The NBA has barely enjoyed a slow return to normalcy, barely stepping into a bubble-free season before fans in three cities treat the players with utter disrespect.

The ugly incident on Wednesday in Philadelphia, New York and Salt Lake City did nothing to promote appreciation between players and fans, only reminding players why they resent the paying customers. Money to start with

Fans who have been allowed back into NBA stadiums have added spirit to the game where the whole atmosphere is electric, creating a common experience for 15,000 people, and what their craving for watching them is even better the show. The more the game feels like an event. You don̵

7;t want to miss

The element is totally absent, as sterile as it is sterilized for safety after playing a season amid COVID-19, a big reason why last summer in Orlando didn’t feel the same, and this few weeks should. Will feel like a honeymoon

NBA players frankly discuss how they miss their fans, feeling the chills and increasing their intensity. The TV network has certainly taken action, considering how broadcasters take note of the new situation as if they had a contractual obligation.

And it’s hard to deny that the game doesn’t get any better with the fervor, as the crowd is an essential component of the sport, similar to the referee or the familiar sound of a long playing sound.

But while most of the paying fans know how to behave like adults who respect athletes in front of them or their families nearby, few things go wrong with their public image.

Russell Westbrook – a good citizen of every account – caught repeated abuse in recent years, most recently by a fan dumping popcorn at him as he walked. Limping into a locker room in Philadelphia, an insult to injury.

Nearly 15,000 fans filled the stage tonight to watch the game between the New York Knicks and the Atlanta Hawks during Game Two of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals at Madison Square Garden on May 26, 2021 in New York City. Gs 101-92 Note to User: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that by downloading and or using this Photo, User agrees to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement (Photo courtesy of Elsa. / Getty Images)
A fan at Madison Square Garden spits on Atlanta’s Trae Young on Wednesday night. (Elsa / Getty Images)

He had events in Denver and Utah where he seemed interested in his own business and fans felt entitled to cross the line.

Utah fans harassed Memphis Grizzlies’ guardian, pointing out defender Ja Morant, leading to three people fired Wednesday night.

And these glorious New York-acclaimed fans went from taunting a Hawk Point guard to a feeling of being forced to spit at him.

Even in the high stakes stage But this should also be a community gathering, a respite from a year of global misery caused by no one else. We should all accept this slow crawl to the new normal. But perhaps this grudge is just something that needs to be added to the equation moving forward.

This was not the case for coders, sensitive NBA players were unable to take down opposing fans during the playoffs. It went into the land of the attack and even though fans were identified and suspended. They should be suspended for life.

It’s difficult to reconcile images of white fans following black players without anyone else and seem to do so under the perks and privileges. Westbrook can be many things. But he noticed when he said that no one had done that to him in the streets, where the punishment for such blasphemy would be hand – not in the biblical way.

“To be honest, this guy is out of hand,” Westbrook said. “Especially for me, the amount of insult, the number of fans doing whatever they want to do. In other environments, I’m all for the fans who enjoy the game. Be part of the sport I got it But something crossed the line In other environments, I know fans… it won’t happen. A guy won’t come up on the street and pour popcorn over my head. Because we know what happened “

Of course, being an athlete means signing a deal with the closeness of the game, especially NBA players. Stadium seats are expensive and part of the fan appeal compared to other professional sports.

Being a little blind and a little deaf should come with territory within reason, most fans are respectful and most players can appreciate a little teasing, talking in the trash. It is part of the game. But it is also a job, and we can’t forget when to expect them to regularly check their mood at the metal detector. But it also emptied tanks and sports at the same time.

We all know what would happen if players exposed their inner Ron Artest around 2004, rejecting their disrespect and creating an event that resonated around the world. In fact, someone like Westbrook will spend 30 seconds in a steel cage with these daring WWE-style fans and have them in a four-legged sculpture before the bell rings.

The Brooklyn Nets' 11th Kyrie Irving meets the Boston Celtics in Game One in the first round of the 2021 NBA Playoffs at Barclays Center at Barclays Center on May 22, 2021 in New York City.  Note to User: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that by downloading and or using this Photo, User agrees to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Steven Ryan / Getty Images).

Kyrie Irving hopes he won’t face racist abuse from Boston fans this weekend (Steven Ryan / Getty Images)

Because of that fluctuating relationship, all parties have to act, and fans are dragging the bargain to end.Brooklyn’s Kyrie Irving has been openly popular, hoping Boston Celtics fans won’t code the frustration. Satisfied with racism this weekend given the city’s delicate history, complete with competition and franchise history with black players.

“I mean, this isn’t my first time being an opponent in Boston, so I’m just looking forward to competing with my teammates and hoping we can keep basketball strictly. Or any racism happens, racism and sensitive people Shouted from the crowd, ”Irving said.

And though one can question his motives or sincerity, the events of the past few days mean everyone will be keeping their eyes on Boston this weekend to make sure fans stay above the board. Irving is an easy target to fuel the fun, so Boston is a city and a sports town.

Irving will be the target of a hostile and humiliating Celtics fan base and continue to be burned by Irving, leaving the parquet floors for the people of Brooklyn – and it’s a privilege. Their Passion is what drives interest in the NBA, so the league office relies on that as opposed to interfering with or discouraging viewers.

It is much easier to keep players to a higher standard than the thousands of players that have walked through the turntiles, especially as the league tries to re-establish relationships and compensate for the lost income from that. Sit idle in the outbreak

The NBA considers the fans a happy to be back, and they are just fine. But they can’t assume good behavior or some bad apple factor is acceptable.

No one can say that they do not know better or that their behavior is worth redemption. There is only one solution, because apparently some fans can’t be trusted.

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