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Why do some people get side effects after vaccinating with COVID-19?

Why do some people get side effects after vaccinating with COVID-19?

Temporary side effects, such as headache, tiredness, and fever, are signs that the immune system is recovering. which is a normal response to the vaccine and is normal

“The day after receiving these vaccines I’m not planning anything that’s a strenuous activity,” said Dr. Peter Marks, head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s vaccine division. which has fatigue after the first injection

Here’s what happened: The immune system has two main arms. And the first arm becomes active as soon as the body detects a foreign intruder. White blood cells will flow to that area. This causes inflammation that causes chills, aches, fatigue, and other side effects.

Your immune system̵

7;s rapid response phase often declines with age. One reason younger people report side effects more often than older people. Also, some vaccines can trigger more reactions than others.

That said, everyone reacts differently. If you feel nothing for a day or two after taking both medications That doesn’t mean the vaccine isn’t working.

behind the scenes It also makes the second part of your immune system active. This provides true protection against the virus by forming antibodies.

Another annoying side effect: when the immune system is active. Sometimes it causes temporary swelling in lymph nodes, such as the underarm lymph nodes. Women should schedule regular mammograms before vaccinating against COVID-19. This will prevent the swollen glands from being mistaken for cancer.

Not all side effects are recurring. But after vaccinating hundreds of millions of doses around the world and have strict security surveillance Few serious risks were identified. A small number of people who received vaccines from AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson reported abnormal blood clots. Some countries preserve those images for the elderly. But regulators say the benefits of these image offerings far outweigh the risks.

People tend to have severe allergic reactions at times. That’s why you are asked to sit still for about 15 minutes after receiving any type of COVID-19 vaccine to make sure any reaction will be treated immediately

Finally, authorities are trying to determine if the transient heart inflammation that can occur with various types of infections could be a rare side effect after the mRNA vaccine, produced by Pfizer and Moderna. US public health officials Still can’t tell if there is a connection or not. But let’s just say they’re following a small number of reports. Most of them are adolescents or young adults.


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