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Why get excited about Steve Sarkisian’s play?

Monday night’s National Championship game between Alabama and Ohio was a glimpse of the future for Longhorn fans.

New Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian, recently hired by the clinic with Bucky, scored 52 points without any problems. Sometimes it looks silly how the game is open and it’s easy to look for Crimson Tide’s offense.

It’s not just Monday night when Alabama’s guilt shines. From a figure standpoint, Sarkisian’s offense averaged 48.5 points, 541.8 yards and 7.8 yards per play this season.Three players (DeVonta Smith, Mac Jones and Najee Harris) finished in the top five in the Heisman vote along with the receiver. Prize Finally took home a trophy. Alabama̵

7;s offensive success from the Sarkisian calling and design

In a recent interview with Austin American-Statesman. Sarkisian has doubled his abilities as a summoner. He added that there was no reason for him to hand over the job.

“I definitely want to be a summoner. I’ll be the caller, ”he said.“ I made that mistake one year in my career (in 2015 at USC), it’s not going to happen again, not in the near future. But in reality, part of the reason Chris and the people of Texas like me is because of the work I do as a player. Why would I suddenly abandon the best traits I have? ”

This is where the excitement of Austin begins. If the product reflects what it is in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Texas, it’s on the road. In the field results, team culture and recruiting both local and national will all benefit.

Sarkisian is the type of guy looking for the next big thing in football. During his days at Washington and USC, he carried out professional offense. The same move to Alabama at the core. Passing the ball for Najee Harris and letting the award winning players make lane a staple this season.

However, the point he has changed and great is in the passing games with Jones and Tutagoviloa. It’s all about RPOs, advance moves, and finding your top players with the best possible matches.

Sarkisian spoke of how he tried to stay above the curve at a preliminary press conference in Austin today.

Only Lincoln Riley of Oklahoma was able to launch this nasty explosion inside the convention. Now, Sarkisian calls the play across the Red River ‘Big 12 offenses’ taking on a new meaning.

Turning all of his innovations and ideas to Texas is going to create an unprecedented hilarity since Colt McCoy’s final season is coming back to Austin.

Next, we will look at a few dramas that make Sarkisian’s indignant mind great.

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