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Why haven’t I received an OC appointment? And more questions about COVID-19 vaccination – Orange County Register.

News this week that the COVID-19 vaccine can now be given to anyone 65 and older in Orange County has met a number of people hoping to get the shot. But for many of them, getting an appointment is difficult. Or even make certain apps and websites usable

So what are the actions taken to remedy the situation and what people should know if they are eligible for the vaccine? But still not received?

Here are some of the questions and concerns Orange County Register readers have, and the latest answers we will have. (In some cases, plans still flow or don’t have data)

Q: Health care agency OC says it will use the Othena website or the mobile app to register and book appointments for vaccinations. Why didn̵

7;t it work for me?

A: The big problem is that the appointments are limited and in high demand, with some readers reporting the Othena website down when they try it out and others say there are no open appointments. County officials said they were working on fixing some technical issues with the site.

So far, the only large public vaccination facility, Disneyland, opened Wednesday, which can currently accommodate about 3,000 to 3,200 people per day, appointments will be scheduled for no more than three. The day, because the county depends on the state to supply the vaccine intake and officials don’t want to cancel anyone’s appointments because they don’t have any footage, said the county CEO Frank Kim.

It’s a frustrating math problem. County health officials said on Wednesday they have about 42,000 doses on hand, with 35,000 more deliveries expected next week. That was 77,000 vaccinations – and now about 800,000 people are considered eligible for the vaccine in OC, including about 200,000 health care workers and other top-priority public servants, as well as about 600,000 in the group. 65 and older, County spokeswoman Molly Nichelson said.

While more doses (about 170,000) were sent to Orange County, Kim said most of the vaccines went to large hospitals and health networks where vaccines were administered to workers of Them and have discretion to distribute the image.

“The challenge is that the need today goes beyond our capabilities and will get better,” Kim said. “The difficulty is we are looking for predictability. (In the provision of vaccines) so that we can design a long-term appointment. “

Q: How do I know if I’m eligible for this vaccine? Can I show up at the Disneyland site?

A: County health worker Dr. Clayton Chau, after consulting with the Orange County Vaccine Authority, recently decided to reopen vaccinations to anyone 65 and older, whether they have other health conditions, due to the group. Such age is mostly present. Hospital residents with COVID-19 infection, as well as the vast majority of patients receiving intensive care and requiring a ventilator.

Most health care workers, including doctors, home health assistants and urgent care workers and dental clinics, and some law enforcement workers who work in high-risk locations can also receive injections. Vaccine

But please the district officials tell me not to come without an appointment. They can’t support walk-in and will slow down the process for everyone.

Q. If I still have to make an appointment, what should I do?

A: It may require some persistence. County health officials are advising people to call their doctor or healthcare provider first, although a number of readers said they did and were told that the provider could not be vaccinated at this time or had no information.

As for Othena (www.othena.com), Kim said the site is getting regular updates and bug fixes, that might be why some people won’t be able to use it. “We are always encouraging people to check it out. All day – no time limit, ”which appointments opened, he said

The county is also working on adding a verification feature to let users know they have successfully registered and if they are in a category that is not yet eligible for vaccination, they will be notified when their turn. Of the group

In the days after Thursday, Kim said all existing appointments were full. But county officials are working to increase the capacity and expect to open up sites with more capacity, like those at Disneyland, in the coming weeks.

“We don’t have enough vaccines for everyone who needs them today. But the availability of vaccines is increasing weekly as well as our ability, so we ask them to be patient, ”he said.

The county did not specify how people who do not have or cannot use computers or smartphones can make appointments. But health authorities promised to provide more information on that “within the next few days.”

Q: What should I expect when I receive my appointment and how long will it take?

A: First, bring an identity card such as a driver’s license to verify the age. Healthcare workers need an employee badge, letter from their employer, or something else proving their occupation.

Plan at least wait a moment You’ll have to check-in and get screened before you can take a photo. On the first day at the Disneyland site, it took people an hour and a half to go through this process. But Kim said the step was slightly accelerated on Day 2. If the weather forecast is hot, officials suggest waiting. In the car until the appointment time

After receiving the vaccination, everyone will be asked to wait 15 minutes for the facility staff to make sure there are no adverse reactions to the vaccination. Expect to take 30 to 40 minutes from start to finish when everything goes smoothly.

County officials said Othena was designed to warn users of the first shot at the second. (Both vaccines are licensed in the United States come in two doses), which should be taken approximately three weeks later.

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