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Why The Forged Toast Was “Discontinued” The Drama After The Twitter Post!

Toast in disguise (Jeremy Wang) has made his silence ̵

6;canceled’ on Twitter.This is a drama published online, which he also mentioned in his Twitter post.

Over the years Disguised Toast has become popular with streamer. As a result, he has more than 3.5 million YouTube subscribers and 1.3 million followers on Twitter. His witty speech and “edgy” humor are a favorite of many. However, few of them are not. Hold a joke This is the beginning of the drama.

Why was the forged Toast “canceled”?

On May 2, a Twitter user named Hope posted a thread calling for Disguised Toast and discussing his problematic behavior.The Twitter user posted a few videos of the streamer along with the message. Some of the things he did in the past to prove their point.

The user claims that something Toast said was “borderline intrusions.” The post reads, “He explains that there is a gray area between offensive and non-offensive, and he prefers to be in a gray area where people. Can look at him and say, “That’s very busy,” but at the same time it isn’t. ”

As the post continued, a user noted, “Making upsetting humor or dark humor is not a joke unless you are part of that community and make a joke. When people who are not part of that community intrude into areas where they are not, it becomes offensive.

The post pointed out a number of reasons why Toast should be ‘canceled’. You can read the full thread here.

The fake toast responds to being “canceled”.

After many people became addicted to the “Disguised Toast Cancel” trend, he decided to keep his mouth shut on Twitter. Hours after the thread went viral, Toast posted: “dealt with my” problem “past and canceled.”

He wrote: “I am always referring to the“ edgy ”humor when it comes to appearing online. Over the past five years, I’ve developed a more sarcastic, dull and sarcastic personality. There is nothing publicly about anything I do that I am trying to hide or remove or claim I don’t know. I am responsible for all I say and all my actions. I can proudly say that I am very open about my life in an area where a lot of people hide, not because they are bad. It’s because people on the Internet like to judge and restore the lives of streamer. ”

Toast revealed that he decided to speak up when his friend became the target. In his response, he also spoke of the allegations placed against him. He ended the post by writing, “One of the things I ask is to leave my friends alone. They are wonderful people who do not deserve any hate for associating with me. Boycott my content, cancel me for anything – but don’t drag into the content by pressure or demand an apology from them just because we play games together. ”

You can read all of his responses here.

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