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Will Matt Canada choose Dolphins over Steelers?

On Thursday’s news that the Pittsburgh Steelers did not renew offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner’s contract, Randy Fichtner is interested in who will replace him. We summarize a few potential substitutions, with the top of the list being Pittsburgh defender Matt Canada.

It was also reported that Canada was on the Miami Dolphins’ radar to be the next offensive coordinator.

This means Canada can decide between the Steelers and Dolphins for his big promotion. If we connect the points and look from this perspective, what will make Canada choose Steelers over the Dolphins?

I think first of all it will be tradition and loyalty. The Steelers led Canada last season to coach the team̵

7;s quarterback in hopes that he would inject his innovative offensive philosophy into the Steelers’ offense at the University of Maryland.

But other than that, I don’t see Steelers’ work any more attractive. Unless Canada has been waiting at least two years for the rebuilding challenge with more questions than answers, the Dolphins defender has had a huge turnaround this season and has a young defender in place and ready to rebuild.

But I want to pass the question to you. If Canada had two jobs to choose from, which do you think he would accept? Let us know in the comments.

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