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Willie Calhoun suffered an arm fracture.

12:47 p.m.: Texas put Calhoun on injury list 10 days before today’s Outfielder game. Jason Martin was recalled from the Triple-A Round Rock in a consistent movement.

9:14 a.m.: Rangers out of fielder/DH Willie Calhoun Broken arm after being hit by Chris Buick During yesterday’s game against the Royals, manager Chris Woodward told reporters (including Jeff Wilson) a more precise schedule for his recovery will not be clear until he undergoes further testing. But he was clearly looking for a rather significant disappearance.

Unfortunately, the latest injury to Calhoun has come in recent years, the 26-year-old has spent time on the injured list due to a leg problem in each of the past three seasons. and he was slapped in the face Julio Urias During spring training in 2020, these persistent health issues have seen the striker likely miss more than 337 games in a single season in the league.

Calhoun has traveled to plate 226 this year, beating at the league average. (.254/.323/.385) That̵

7;s not the high-end offensive game Rangers expect from players with limited defenses. But it seems Calhoun still has the potential to make a bigger impact. He is a highly regarded attacking player in his time of expectation. And he appears to be on the verge of jailbreaking after dropping the line. .269/.323/.524 in 2019

Calhoun hasn’t attacked anywhere near that level this year. But he is one of the hardest players in the game. His hit ball indicator also indicates that he has made more contact with this point with more quality than his numbers below would suggest. The left-handed hitter is scheduled to be eligible for his first arbitration after the season.

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