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Wisconsin Reports Most Daily COVID-19 Cases In Almost Two Months | Local News

State laboratory workers

Erik Reisdorf is a virologist at the Wisconsin Health Laboratory who sequences all the genomes needed to identify COVID-19 strains in the state.

John Mania C. Health, UW

Wisconsin reported 1,046 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, the largest total since Feb. 11, with the daily average nearly doubling over the past month as the figure increases. More contagious forms of contact are seen in children, health officials said Thursday.

Dr Ryan Westergard, chief medical officer at the state Department of Health Service, said half or more of the samples were one of the five worrying strains that were closely monitored and the case overall was growing the most. Among people aged 18 years and over, Dr.

“We are in a new phase of an epidemic that is clearly worse than it has ever been and an epidemic among young people that drives change in the curve,” said Westergard, who noted that the school is working. New opening and youth sports and other activities are continuing

Vaccination rates continue to rise, with more than 2 million residents, or 35% of the state’s population, with at least one shot and 21.9% fully vaccinated. But that’s lower than what 80% of protection officials believe is necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19, a rate they say can be achieved by June.

“What we’re doing is competing with different types of vaccines,” said Julie Willems Van Dijk, deputy secretary of the state’s health department.

Officials urged residents to wear masks, keep distance from others, wash hands frequently, stay home when sick and get vaccinated as soon as possible, now all residents of the state aged 16 and over are eligible to be vaccinated. These steps can reduce all coronavirus infections, including more contagious strains.

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