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Wisconsin woman accused of killing friend with eye drops

A Milwaukee woman was accused of dropping her friend’s eye drops. appeared in court on Monday after being charged with felony murder and robbery.

Jessy R. Kurczewski was ordered to be detained on $1 million bond pending trial. according to court records She was taken into custody Monday at the Waukesha County Jail.

“The state believes that the defendant has demonstrated her ability to exploit individuals at risk and pose a public risk,” said Abbie Niccoli, an attorney who appeared on behalf of the state.

Prosecutors accused Kurczewski of Franklin, Wisconsin, of killing an anonymous victim on Oct. 3, with a lethal dose of tetrahydrozoline. This is the main ingredient in eye drops. Initially, death from overdose was expected. But prosecutors later said that There is a scene set up to look like that. This included pills crushed on the victim’s chest and nearby dishes.

Officials said it was difficult to get the lethal dose of tetrahydrozoline through the eyes. But it is unclear how the victims were exposed to the poison.

Kurczewski told investigators that she was caring for the victim, who she said was fascinated by the eye drops. The victim would be 65 if she were alive. according to court records

Kurczewski changed her story to claim that she had helped a suicide victim after she learned investigators did not believe the death was a drug overdose, prosecutors said.

Kurczewski told investigators that she brought her friend a water bottle containing six bottles of Visine. She didn’t think it would kill her friend because she had been drinking it for a long time. She told officials at the prosecutor’s statement.

It was unclear whether Kurczewski had a lawyer. The state’s public defense office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A probate case involving Kurczewski seeks to remove her from being The “beneficiary” of the victim’s land Prosecutors said more than $130,000 was transferred from the victim to Kurtzeski over a “fraudulent” check.

Kurczewski is scheduled to return to court on June 25.

In providing the $1 million bail, the judge in the case wrote that, if released, the defendants should have “do not use/possess over-the-counter eye drops”.

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